Ride on shooting star

Yep. It’s stuck in my head all right.
It’s a sunny sunny day like it might be summer soon.
I’m a hopin’ it’ll be a good one
not like last year with the rain and the cold
I thought global warming would result
in warmer weather
not more storms and wetness
Yesterday was talk like a pirate day
I didn’t talk like a pirate at all
But I did roast chicken.

Must stop the poetry entry format.
My sanitary pads are lying to me. It’s true! A few months ago Libra decided to print ‘odd spot’ facts on the paper that you peel off the back of their pads to reveal the sticky. Some of these are true facts like “An ostriches eye is bigger than it’s brain” but some of them are just urban legends. The one I read and immediately doubted yesterday was “only female ducks can quack”.

I kicked Lee off his computer and checked with google. There I found snopes.com which has entries on whether duck’s quack’s echo and it clearly said that both male and female duck’s quacks echo.
I’ll be in touch if I read anything else unlikely on my sanitary pad. I’m not sure about the whole “over your life time you will eat 70 insects while sleeping and 8 spiders”.


7 thoughts on “Ride on shooting star

  1. so long as it’s not whitetails you swallow… imagine having a whitetail wriggling and jiggling and tickling inside yer! Might not be the route to a long and happy life!

  2. Me & my workmate were talking about how global warming is a bit of a misnomer. Cataclysmic climate change would be better perhaps??
    Glad to hear you’re good!

  3. On the insect question, I guess it depends where you live, since it’s a global average, presumably. (These statistics are *highly* scientific, you know, it’s not like some loser just sits around all days making up stuff that sounds amazing-yet-plausible) – So on the bright side, some poor swollen-bellied child in the tropics is probably swallowing our quota of insects as well as their own. And is probably thankful for the protien.
    The whole sanity pad trivia thing is just bizarre. I have to presume it was the result of an ill-advised curry and beer night just before a major creative strategy meeting.

  4. Apparently they marketed it as something more interesting to read than the toilet walls. Of course, I never saw the ad so one day I just opened the pad up and found it was trying to teach me things.
    I fully freaked. I only just managed to blog about it after all and that was months ago. Months!
    I don’t understand. As a girl, it was weird and freaky to be told things by my pad.

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