Bleary eyed Sunday

Happy Children’s Day! Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

Last night I went to Rachel and Al’s party as a Gothic doll. I think I looked cool. I might try and upload some pics onto photobucket and link to ’em in my livejournal. If I can be bothered. I had fun at the party. I got to talk to Will which doesn’t happen much. I caught up with a bunch of people and we talked about the American election and sexy ladies in films and Mupplephone.*

Lots of yummy candy too. Mmmmm candy.
Also yesterday I had Yum Cha which was porklicious and nummy. Let me once more sing “I love Coconut Buns!” Then I went shopping with Evie and bought cool cute things. There’s a new shop full of cutey cheap stuff along Manners Mall and I got cool hair ties. I got Rachel a cat dressed as a pink witch at Morning Glory. Hooray! I kinda wanted it for myself but I gave it away anyway. I might yet go and buy myself a Tokyo-a-Gogo Bratz doll. They’re at Toyworld for $40 *right now*.

On Friday night I saw Coppelia which was wonderful. It is such a happy-happy story, and very funny. Lots of OTT arm movements and facial expressions to convey speaking and arguing. Wonderful. I loved the costumes too. Must own sparkly blue tutu. Jon Trimmer was Dr Coppelius and he was very very good, although I felt pretty bad for him. I mean Ok, he was a bit evil and tried to kill the main guy…but he thougt all his dreams had come true and he was really happy. And of course they hadn’t come true and it was just Swanhilde playing a trick.

Anyway. It was a fantastic ballet AND next year they are putting on the ballet of Dracula again! This is very exciting. The last time I saw Dracula was like, four years ago and it was wonderful and ever since I have wanted to see it again. I have wanted to rewatch it like a DVD or something. but I couldn’t because hello! Ballet! But they’re putting it on again in July so I am totally gonna go and I urge all of you who like the story of Dracula to go as well. It’s a truly awesome ballet and not too ‘dancing for no reason’. It follows the story very closely and is very dark and gothic and spooky.

Anyway, I’ll try and organise a group closer to the time.
I want a Bratz doll.

*Mupplephone is my mythic fourth child. She has social problems.


I am reading Snow White Blood Red which is a collection of fairytales for adults on loan from Zephfi. I am loving it, as expected.

I read Dark by Penelope Todd which is the sequel to Watermark which I read a while back. Spooky, urgent reading. Liked it a lot, but can’t imagine re reading.

Looked up on some old website friends. Eric conveys an emotion is still funny, and he has a bunch more emotions since I last looked! Hooray!

More weird is not proud which is what I was addicted to for ages then abruptly got sick of. Read through the sloth ones for gross out stuff.

My only new friend is Making Fiends courtesy of Sok. Lots of cutesy silly spooky cartoons. Watch ’em when you’ve got a bit of time and it’s OK to listen to singing and creaky monster noises.

spongeblog nopants

I woke up this morning and I dunno, felt kinda absorbent. I haven’t moved all day but that’s par for the course I guess. The guy next to me has grown *again*. I don’t know how he does it. I just don’t have enough motivation I guess.
I wish something really yummy would waft through me. The storm last night should be creating some good currents. Sometimes I wish I was proactive enough to actually obtain food for myself, but then I get distracted by a fish or something. I guess that’s my problem, I just don’t have any kind of attention span, I can’t keep ideas long enough to think them through.
Yeesh, this entry is depressing me. I guess I’ll write some more later, if I can be bothered.

Yeah, so I was wondering just how boring a sponge’s diary would be. Now we all know. Thanks to Seraph for some weird wedding reception conversation without you I would never have blogged from a sponge’s point of view.
Tomorrow: Discus Chicken!

Bread and butter, marmalade and jam. Let’s say hello as loudly as we can!

This may be the best first day back at work ever. I have a two hour storytelling training session this afternoon!
So I came into work…worked most of the morning, had an early lunch break, then in an hour I’m off training. I’ll get another hour’s worth done this afternoon and then it’s home-time!

Hen’s night tonight for L, which will be interesting since I have no money. Hooray for credit cards, eh? L is getting married on Sunday, and I don’t know what I’ll wear if it’s a cold day. Those interview pants of my sister’s I guess. Something on top too.
So: the holiday.

Drove up on Sunday with a sushi lunch from J’ville mall. Bought honey mead and strawberry wine from Lindale, had ice cream, etc.

My parents like Firefly which is not very surprising since my Dad loves sci-fi stuff and my Mum enjoyed Buffy. We got half the series watched, not the whole lot though due to my parents’ lack of staying-up-later-than-9pm stamina.
Also watched Holes which is a very good interpretation of an awesome book. Lee hasn’t read the book and found some things lacked proper explanation, but I sorted it out for him with my book-reader knowledge.

Day tripped to Taupo and we both got new books and new pants. Plus the new Empire magazine, happy happy. Both Lee and my Dad read and enjoyed Mortal Engines so Lee didn’t mind buying and then reading the sequel. I read part of the Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde which is terribly silly but highly literary. I may have to buy it since I had to return it to the library today and I suspect I want to know what happens. I am now reading Princess Diaries number 6.

On Tuesday we drove to Hamilton and back which turned out to be three hours worth each way. Ouch. I don’t much like driving in the dark and unfamiliar unlit open road farmland is pretty intimidating. I was in a kind of trance when we returned and my legs had no strength in them when I got out of the car. I was pretty convinced we’d die so I am very happy we didn’t.
Hamilton public gardens are awesome. You must go and visit them. Putararu has a very good scrapbooking shop with less than helpful staff.

Wednesday was board games, scrapbooking galore (5 pages!), Firefly watching and boiling ourselves in the Tokaanu hotpools. Sooooo good!
Drove back yesterday and it was fine. Lee nearly killed us by overtaking one time but mostly we were marvelling at the foolhardy middle aged men in flash cars like BMWs overtaking long trucks while another truck is barrelling towards them the other way. Great stuff.
Watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night which was great but upsetting and I don’t think I’ll watch it again. Lee and I figured out the time stuff and what order everything actually happened in, but we didn’t predict any of the polt twists or the eventual outcome. It was lovely but I had to have a comfort bath after it and like I say, I won’t watch it again.
Now you are all updated.

Home now

I am screechy from too much driving. Holiday was fun, tempted to move into Pukawa for good, but can’t stand the idea of Turangi being the closest thing that even remotely resembles a town.
Some things:

A tui had built a nest in a fern tree right outside the kitchen window.
My parents like Firefly a lot.
Lee can be ruthless with the winning Settlers.
Driving to Hamilton and back from Pukawa in the same day is a bad idea.
Hamilton botanic gardens are the awesome. I want to move into the Italian Rennassaince garden.
Taupo cafes are waaaaaaay overpriced, but some serve nummy mango sorbet.

I’m so happy I can’t sleep!

It might also have something to do with my wrist hurting…

I had so much fun at my party and I just want to thank all my lovely friends who attended. I got some truly awesome presents, which I will list in no particular order:

Gorgeous elf woman painted figure from Rachel. She has pink fishnets on! (The figure not the Rachel, I can’t see Rachel right now so I have no idea what she’s wearing.)
Magnetic poetry kits of Shakespeare words and Artist words. I have wanted my own set of magentic poetry since forever, so it’s super-cool to have two contrasting but complimentary theme sets. Thanks to Sass and Emba!

All Chobits all the time from Giffy, Chi plushie, chii tshirt, Chobits mangas 1 and 2 and some other anime posters. Thanks! So cool! I love my Chi plushie.

Heavy hexagon full of Chinese Zodiac painted rocks in the manner of Fruits Basket. I really love to get things that people have made for me. It’s so cool, and the onigiri one is so cute. Ooooooh go check if it has a plum in it’s back. No, never mind.

Art of Belly dancing box kit, ouchy coolness bag and “Princess Rock” tshirt from Zephfi. Thanks doll, you looked so cute last night!

Uhmmmmmm also books and chocolates and cool pegs and yummy tea and…and Cowboy Bebop movie DVD and…
Matt and Debbie gave me Storyteller on DVD which I have literally wanted to own since there have been DVDs. I am so looking forward to watching them! Also a Matt designed tshirt which says “L33T Librarian” which is another super-cool made just for me present that I am going to wear at work and confuse my workmates with. (Except for Star, who was there last night and understands these things).

Ok, so I didn’t list all my presents. You were getting bored anyway.
My dress was properly admired but unfortunately the castle cake came out looking rather munted. It tasted alright though so I guess it was still a success. Margie and Sok gave me a cake made of cupcakes which was super-cool and yummy with rich frosting. It had chocolate mice and a my little pony hidden inside! Way cool.

I was also impressed with the costume levels. Not quite as many as last year but a very high quality I thought. Took a bunch of didgital pictures. Many women in red and black. Hooray!
What else? I may have been peer pressured into dying my hair black since everyone loved the black wig on me. I got a weird hed spinning/throbbing pain sensation at one point in the night but some time on the coolness of the deck and sitting down drinking water put that off. I was standing in a conversation reeling and thinking “I can’t pass out in the middle of my own party, that’s just too too drama queen!”
Got to sleep 2am ish, but woke up at 7.30 cause of sun streaming in and happy from the party making me kind of hyper. Also my body is aching a bit, especially my right wrist. Can’t think what I did to it…maybe it’s a delayed sewing OOS thing.
Anyway, we’re going away today. I’ll be back on Thursday, no blogging til then. Comment away though, since I will read them when I return.

Woot! Dizzy, but dress!

Ok. I have made and sewn in the drapes, I have attatched the skirt to the bodice (nerve racking…so much material gathered in to a small place!

I have just tried it on and it looks like a dress alright! Now, for the zip and then it’s off to Lee’s parents tonight for presents, dinner and help with the hemming!

Hooray hooray!
Suspect might need crinoline for full effect though.

Jellyfish go boing boing boing

Have just finished Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason. Was v.g. although slightly bizarre in places. Lovely happy ending.
Yesterday I ended up dressing like a crazed librarian, which is entirely appropriate. Had a lovely shopping/ art gallery expotition with Phreq which included lunch at Purple Onion. Yum. Lack of pregathered black lace in Wellington v. disappointing but regular lace obtained. Also birthday presents to self: colour changing rubber duckie, bizarre jellyfish yo-yo from the met shop and a new wig which I am disappointed with. (Think it is pre owned….)

Sewing completed: bodice of dress assembled, sleeves created and sewn to bodice. Now I have a very elegant top that Lee was quite taken with.
Still to do: Make drapes and attach, attach top to skirt, put in zip, hem skirt, add embellishments as needed.
Plus clean house, baking, etc.

Dinner at Zico’s after laser force was lovely. Presents received were also lovely. Especially excited about Kangaroo meat jerkey, which is both repellent and enticing. I will have to work up to eating that. Actually, might be good for long car trip on Sunday.

Right, will now check livejournal then get to work. Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages, I feel very happy.

My birthday

Today I have been on this Earth a quarter century. Go team me!

Just one present today: Firefly Dvds! Hooray! Thanks Lee! (Ok so I had foolish dreams about getting a ring, but I knew they were super-unlikely. I did ask for Firefly so, yay!)
Meeting Phreq in an hour for shopping and art gallery going and lunch and stuff. Can’t decide what to wear.

Presents presents presents

Last night I got an unexpected, wonderful, hilarious *and* useful early birthday present. Thanks so much Tia! You rock!
I got three pairs of weird-ass bad-English socks and Hello Kitty as little red riding hood stickers and notebook. Kawaii! I am very happy with my socks, especially the bright red toe socks that say “I am passenger.” So, early birthday present goodness makes me happy.

The gamer boyz plus some extras came over last night and we played Svend’s ticklish romp game. I’ve played before as Teddy but last night I tried out being Jasmine. In hindsight I may have been a bit cruel and fickle as regards Le Shadow Magnifique, but then I remember that the character of Jasmine is inherently heartless, cruel and fickle. So…although I feel bad, she doesn’t so it’s OK.

Mostly the problem was that I knew how Teddy won her in the last game I played and none of the boys laid it on as thick, so Jasmine was unimpressed. Out of character information is irrelevant in this game as everyone knows what everyone else is doing.
anyway, there were some awesome quotes had, which I will now share:

Svend: Horses sweat, Gentlemen perspider and Ladies drool.
Fishface trying to make Le Shadow Magnifique look bad: Most of this was done by the thug and dangerous vigilante…..

After Jasmine and Prudence have been taken out to the pistol club:
Lady Cecilia: did you meet any nice men?
Prudence: No but I shot some.

Prudence: Do poets skulk?
Fishface: No, we wuther.

Fishface: I felt inspired to create you a mini epic. A mepic if you will.

Note sent to Fishface following his pummeling and rescuing by Shadow from Jasmine: Terribly sorry to hear about your concussion. Did Le Shadow Magnifique mention me?
Other people said other funny things, but I was too busy being proper, cruel and adventurous to note them all down.
Prudence was played by first timer Star, who I am very proud of.