Ah, then tis none to you. To me it is a prison.

I guess the problems are of the kind that shouldn’t make me cry.
Tell that to my tear ducts.
Last night Lee and I had a talk about big things and I realised how sucky my attempts to achieve the ‘big goals’ are. I mean, I totally don’t get my dream job and the only alternative I can think of is to move into the National Library children’s collection and just live in the stacks.
I have a partner who won’t commit to me in a formal (more to the point, BINDING) way, and we own a nice apartment in the suckiest building ever. I mean really, how many Body corporates increase their yearly fees so that they can take someone to court three times!?! (The third is coming up after they lost twice.) Plus, I have no cat.
On the up side I am getting older in a couple of weeks and that means presents. Tomorrow I get Yum Cha and digital camera and family time, but I’m having trouble getting up enthusiasm for anything else. I might pike on things on the weekend so I can work on my birthday dress. Maybe. I don’t know. I just kind of want to stay home and wallow and be a kind of Sims2 playing slipper wearing hermit. But I want Coconut buns too.
I cried a lot last night. Today I am in the grey zone. Grumpy but outwardly cheerful to the customers.
Yesterday morning I dreamed I was one of the Olsen twins. I’m not sure which one I was. Tomorrow night people are seeing Alien vs Predator. I am not in the least tempted to go. I want to see Wimbledon….