Get thee to a shower.

Yesterday was a good day. I didn’t think at all and that is good.
Yum Cha with my family was great and we got our digital camera from my sister. It’s all tiny and stuff, but heavy. Takes niiiiice pictures. I also got some early birthday presents including long purple stripey socks (yay yay yay!).
I didn’t overindulge so much on the Yum Cha so didn’t feel too too sick afterwards. I even managed to sneak away two coconut buns for delayed delight.
Roleplaying at Luke and Sam’s turned out to be Inpectres, which was fun but not Petrova-level fun. We also watched a bit of Abenobashi and I borrowed the next two dvds so Lee and I can get up to speed. Then Matt and Debz came over to retrieve their DVD (Devil’s Backbone) and we watched the second episode of Azumanga Daioh. Then I played Sims2 while Lee was out at Alien Vs Predator.
My sims couple have had a baby now and she is a toddler. It is quite an improvement on the first game but I wish the life-span ran slower. My sims are going to become elderly quite soon and aren’t really achieving their goals fast enough. I guess it does make it more like a ‘proper game’…but why change something so popular? I could also wish for more clothes and furniture, but I guess downloadable user-created stuff is on its way already.
After the movie Chelle and Jase hung out with us and there was lots of talking. This made me happy. Today I am going to sew things.