Neck injury strikes again

Yesterday I was mucho productivo.
I practised L33t cake decorating and produced a small slightly mouldy looking castle. It was a huge success visually but Lee declared the frosting too rich. I am inclined to agree after I couldn’t finish a slice this morning. So: I know I can make a castle out of cake, I just need a better type of icing. Might try it again with packet white icing.
I practised my not-so-L33t sewing skills. Actually the sewing went fine. I am making a pink and green shiny dragon top which is really a practise run for my birthday dress. After I got very frustrated with the slippery ribbon-ness my sewing machine decided that the last thing I should be doing is sewing facing for my shiny green and pink dragon top.
It went “Har! I eat your thread! I grind the fabric! I take my revenge!” Normally I can sope with this but I had already been sitting on the floor looking down and fussing with pattern pieces and ribbon bits and this is all bad for my neck. My neck said “You injured me, remember? It felt like this!” Then I couldn’t get the bobbin holder bits to fit in right and I gave up and rested my neck in a very frustrated state of mind.
Tonight: Round two!
Actually, tonight I must finish writing L33t Jane Austen roleplaying game. Then sewing.