overheard in Graining Estate

Darcy: Take these ladies…and their sister into the hall.

Alice: Lily hasn’t changed much since I last saw her
Elsbeth: No, not much
Patience: Did you not last see her when she was four?

Elsbeth: Darcy has a sister?
Patience: Yes, we are on a mission of charity
E: I thought visiting him was charity enough.

Patience to Alice (who lives in the city) about the declining state of city society:
P: To a harlot, a den of sin is ordinary.

Elsbeth, on Darcy: I didn’t notice how dashing he was when I was screaming at him…

Lily: and while I was listening to the sermon on Ephesians chapter 2 about something or other I certainly didn’t get distracted by watching the regiment.

Lily: I’m sorry I called you beastly and a horrid man.

Darcy on Patience’s ordinary expression: I feared by Patience’s terrified expression the worst had occurred! It is a face of horror!

Alice, matchmaking: I believe there is a swing seat out the back….
Patience, perplexed: The vicar has never asked me to meet him at the swing set before.