sew and sew

I have the skirt part of the dress mostly done. It’s sewn up and gathered around the top…it needs hemming (it’s miles too long for me) and obviously it needs to be attached to the bodice.

I have obtained advice about using iron-on interfacing. (Pretty obvious really, just iron it on with no steam, but you don’t want to take these things for granted…) and as I said earlier, everything is cut out and ready to go. I even drew darts on with taylor’s chalk Giffy left with me after Azumanga Daioh cosplay. So more or less ready to start making the bodice.
I am taking a neck-friendly break which is actually not that neck friendly. I did have ice cream though, delicious mint choc-chip.

Hurrah! Dress creating is progressing rather well. More updates throughout the week as I get closer to being able to wearing it on Saturday. (Deadline: Birthday Party. The new not-very-exciting blog reality TV show.)
Also, soon I shall make a lovely long entry that sparks debate and stuff about Why I Hate Motor Racing. Bathurst was on yesterday, but I was distracted by real world interactions. I will not apologise. My social meter needs attending you know.*
*Geeky sims reference.

Notes from the weekend

Friday night: cheap drunk on one wine and no dinner. Fun night with lots of girls and one Lee, what was up with that? Like everyone else had decided to leave the boys at home but no-one told me….dinner at Monsoon Poon divine.

Saturday: Family lunch for October birthdays. Lovely presents and experimental vegetarian cooking. Then Wimbledon in the evening. I liked it, but if you’ve seen Four Weddings, Notting Hill, Love Actually, etc there will be no surprises. I like Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst and Lee likes sports movies so we were both happy. Specially as we saw it for free with movie vouchers!

Sunday: food shopping, Sok’s mum briefly, spotlight with HP and Sass then a long afternoon just chatting while I cut out my dress. It goes much quicker when there’s an interesting conversation going on and I didn’t notice how sore my neck was until I stopped. Then Seraph’s for dinner and a new game (something Egyptian, can’t remember the actual name….) which was very fun, and Lee won by a landslide.

Monday morning: nightmare about town full of robot people and a man who moves in. They slowly turn him into a robot by operating on him at night and removing his organs one at a time, replacing them with mechanics. Upsetting start to the week, but it’s a short week and my birthday on Thursday so I remain a bit optimistic.