How I feel about Motor racing

I really hate motor racing. So, if it is one of your big passions I’d advise you to ignore this post. I am going to rant about how much I hate it and why. Starting………now. I am using subheadings to help order my rant.

Waste of Materials.
Motor racing wastes irreplaceable materials. Oil is a limited resource. We all know this on some level, but we use it like it’s going out of fashion. Motor racing is like the epitome of using oil like it’s going out of fashion. They use this fossil fuel that people fight wars over to, uh, drive round in circles very fast.

Fossil fuels create pollutants when burned. We all know this, so should theoretically be inventing electric cars, using public transport, cycling, etc. So…isn’t it pretty stupid to be using them to race? Couldn’t they race dogs or bicycles or run on their own damn feet?
I know why they don’t, I know everyone gets very excited when cars drive fast but do you see my point? Our ozone hole is lovely and big and I don’t think the point is to get it as big as possible as fast as we can.

Waste of money.
A lot of the time really fast cars crash. We’ve all seen pictures of these cars smashing and crashing and incinerating. I can’t help but think all that money to make that car, all the people time and work and resources and metal and everything…and it ends up scrap metal after one race?
This is extremely wasteful and sucky and leads me onto….

Waste of human life.
Lots of people die in motor racing. The faster you go the bigger the mess, right?