Presents presents presents

Last night I got an unexpected, wonderful, hilarious *and* useful early birthday present. Thanks so much Tia! You rock!
I got three pairs of weird-ass bad-English socks and Hello Kitty as little red riding hood stickers and notebook. Kawaii! I am very happy with my socks, especially the bright red toe socks that say “I am passenger.” So, early birthday present goodness makes me happy.

The gamer boyz plus some extras came over last night and we played Svend’s ticklish romp game. I’ve played before as Teddy but last night I tried out being Jasmine. In hindsight I may have been a bit cruel and fickle as regards Le Shadow Magnifique, but then I remember that the character of Jasmine is inherently heartless, cruel and fickle. So…although I feel bad, she doesn’t so it’s OK.

Mostly the problem was that I knew how Teddy won her in the last game I played and none of the boys laid it on as thick, so Jasmine was unimpressed. Out of character information is irrelevant in this game as everyone knows what everyone else is doing.
anyway, there were some awesome quotes had, which I will now share:

Svend: Horses sweat, Gentlemen perspider and Ladies drool.
Fishface trying to make Le Shadow Magnifique look bad: Most of this was done by the thug and dangerous vigilante…..

After Jasmine and Prudence have been taken out to the pistol club:
Lady Cecilia: did you meet any nice men?
Prudence: No but I shot some.

Prudence: Do poets skulk?
Fishface: No, we wuther.

Fishface: I felt inspired to create you a mini epic. A mepic if you will.

Note sent to Fishface following his pummeling and rescuing by Shadow from Jasmine: Terribly sorry to hear about your concussion. Did Le Shadow Magnifique mention me?
Other people said other funny things, but I was too busy being proper, cruel and adventurous to note them all down.
Prudence was played by first timer Star, who I am very proud of.