Jellyfish go boing boing boing

Have just finished Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason. Was v.g. although slightly bizarre in places. Lovely happy ending.
Yesterday I ended up dressing like a crazed librarian, which is entirely appropriate. Had a lovely shopping/ art gallery expotition with Phreq which included lunch at Purple Onion. Yum. Lack of pregathered black lace in Wellington v. disappointing but regular lace obtained. Also birthday presents to self: colour changing rubber duckie, bizarre jellyfish yo-yo from the met shop and a new wig which I am disappointed with. (Think it is pre owned….)

Sewing completed: bodice of dress assembled, sleeves created and sewn to bodice. Now I have a very elegant top that Lee was quite taken with.
Still to do: Make drapes and attach, attach top to skirt, put in zip, hem skirt, add embellishments as needed.
Plus clean house, baking, etc.

Dinner at Zico’s after laser force was lovely. Presents received were also lovely. Especially excited about Kangaroo meat jerkey, which is both repellent and enticing. I will have to work up to eating that. Actually, might be good for long car trip on Sunday.

Right, will now check livejournal then get to work. Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages, I feel very happy.


2 thoughts on “Jellyfish go boing boing boing

  1. I love that book (shouldn’t say that too loud!) Happy belated Birthday!! It sounds like you had a great day 🙂

  2. Tried kangaroo jerky when I had too much time on my hands at Sydney airport this year. mm! If you like beef jerky , you will like this 🙂

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