I’m so happy I can’t sleep!

It might also have something to do with my wrist hurting…

I had so much fun at my party and I just want to thank all my lovely friends who attended. I got some truly awesome presents, which I will list in no particular order:

Gorgeous elf woman painted figure from Rachel. She has pink fishnets on! (The figure not the Rachel, I can’t see Rachel right now so I have no idea what she’s wearing.)
Magnetic poetry kits of Shakespeare words and Artist words. I have wanted my own set of magentic poetry since forever, so it’s super-cool to have two contrasting but complimentary theme sets. Thanks to Sass and Emba!

All Chobits all the time from Giffy, Chi plushie, chii tshirt, Chobits mangas 1 and 2 and some other anime posters. Thanks! So cool! I love my Chi plushie.

Heavy hexagon full of Chinese Zodiac painted rocks in the manner of Fruits Basket. I really love to get things that people have made for me. It’s so cool, and the onigiri one is so cute. Ooooooh go check if it has a plum in it’s back. No, never mind.

Art of Belly dancing box kit, ouchy coolness bag and “Princess Rock” tshirt from Zephfi. Thanks doll, you looked so cute last night!

Uhmmmmmm also books and chocolates and cool pegs and yummy tea and…and Cowboy Bebop movie DVD and…
Matt and Debbie gave me Storyteller on DVD which I have literally wanted to own since there have been DVDs. I am so looking forward to watching them! Also a Matt designed tshirt which says “L33T Librarian” which is another super-cool made just for me present that I am going to wear at work and confuse my workmates with. (Except for Star, who was there last night and understands these things).

Ok, so I didn’t list all my presents. You were getting bored anyway.
My dress was properly admired but unfortunately the castle cake came out looking rather munted. It tasted alright though so I guess it was still a success. Margie and Sok gave me a cake made of cupcakes which was super-cool and yummy with rich frosting. It had chocolate mice and a my little pony hidden inside! Way cool.

I was also impressed with the costume levels. Not quite as many as last year but a very high quality I thought. Took a bunch of didgital pictures. Many women in red and black. Hooray!
What else? I may have been peer pressured into dying my hair black since everyone loved the black wig on me. I got a weird hed spinning/throbbing pain sensation at one point in the night but some time on the coolness of the deck and sitting down drinking water put that off. I was standing in a conversation reeling and thinking “I can’t pass out in the middle of my own party, that’s just too too drama queen!”
Got to sleep 2am ish, but woke up at 7.30 cause of sun streaming in and happy from the party making me kind of hyper. Also my body is aching a bit, especially my right wrist. Can’t think what I did to it…maybe it’s a delayed sewing OOS thing.
Anyway, we’re going away today. I’ll be back on Thursday, no blogging til then. Comment away though, since I will read them when I return.