Home now

I am screechy from too much driving. Holiday was fun, tempted to move into Pukawa for good, but can’t stand the idea of Turangi being the closest thing that even remotely resembles a town.
Some things:

A tui had built a nest in a fern tree right outside the kitchen window.
My parents like Firefly a lot.
Lee can be ruthless with the winning Settlers.
Driving to Hamilton and back from Pukawa in the same day is a bad idea.
Hamilton botanic gardens are the awesome. I want to move into the Italian Rennassaince garden.
Taupo cafes are waaaaaaay overpriced, but some serve nummy mango sorbet.


4 thoughts on “Home now

  1. Welcome back! Sounds like there were some high lights to your trip. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Yay for the holidayness. You gots the work tomorrow right?
    Did you play settlers against your parents? huh!

  3. Welcome back! Glad holiday good!
    Which Taupo cafe serves mango sorbet? Taking parents-in-law there 2 weekends from now… but really need places with conservative food that are not too dire!!!

  4. Driving from Wellington to Hamilton and back in a day is a bad idea, or at least it is if you only have 5 hours sleep the night before. Otherwise I think it would be OK.
    Main trouble with NZ roads for me is I’ve travelled all the big ones and especially SH1 so many times it’s just boring now so I easily get the ol glazy eyes thing going.

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