Bread and butter, marmalade and jam. Let’s say hello as loudly as we can!

This may be the best first day back at work ever. I have a two hour storytelling training session this afternoon!
So I came into work…worked most of the morning, had an early lunch break, then in an hour I’m off training. I’ll get another hour’s worth done this afternoon and then it’s home-time!

Hen’s night tonight for L, which will be interesting since I have no money. Hooray for credit cards, eh? L is getting married on Sunday, and I don’t know what I’ll wear if it’s a cold day. Those interview pants of my sister’s I guess. Something on top too.
So: the holiday.

Drove up on Sunday with a sushi lunch from J’ville mall. Bought honey mead and strawberry wine from Lindale, had ice cream, etc.

My parents like Firefly which is not very surprising since my Dad loves sci-fi stuff and my Mum enjoyed Buffy. We got half the series watched, not the whole lot though due to my parents’ lack of staying-up-later-than-9pm stamina.
Also watched Holes which is a very good interpretation of an awesome book. Lee hasn’t read the book and found some things lacked proper explanation, but I sorted it out for him with my book-reader knowledge.

Day tripped to Taupo and we both got new books and new pants. Plus the new Empire magazine, happy happy. Both Lee and my Dad read and enjoyed Mortal Engines so Lee didn’t mind buying and then reading the sequel. I read part of the Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde which is terribly silly but highly literary. I may have to buy it since I had to return it to the library today and I suspect I want to know what happens. I am now reading Princess Diaries number 6.

On Tuesday we drove to Hamilton and back which turned out to be three hours worth each way. Ouch. I don’t much like driving in the dark and unfamiliar unlit open road farmland is pretty intimidating. I was in a kind of trance when we returned and my legs had no strength in them when I got out of the car. I was pretty convinced we’d die so I am very happy we didn’t.
Hamilton public gardens are awesome. You must go and visit them. Putararu has a very good scrapbooking shop with less than helpful staff.

Wednesday was board games, scrapbooking galore (5 pages!), Firefly watching and boiling ourselves in the Tokaanu hotpools. Sooooo good!
Drove back yesterday and it was fine. Lee nearly killed us by overtaking one time but mostly we were marvelling at the foolhardy middle aged men in flash cars like BMWs overtaking long trucks while another truck is barrelling towards them the other way. Great stuff.
Watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last night which was great but upsetting and I don’t think I’ll watch it again. Lee and I figured out the time stuff and what order everything actually happened in, but we didn’t predict any of the polt twists or the eventual outcome. It was lovely but I had to have a comfort bath after it and like I say, I won’t watch it again.
Now you are all updated.


8 thoughts on “Bread and butter, marmalade and jam. Let’s say hello as loudly as we can!

  1. I read Holes last year, and really enjoyed it. Have been meaning to see the Disneyfied version since I heard it was being made, but haven’t managed it yet. Nice to hear a positive review (I haven’t talked to anyone who’s seen it, so had little idea whether it would be good, bad or indifferent).
    Sounds like you had a good holiday – hooray!

  2. Yay for not being killed on roads crammed with midlife-crisis cars 🙂 glad you had a good holiday!
    Now, slightly late but better than never – thank you so much for your party, I had a fantastic time, and I’m sorry I spent so much time bolt upright on a chair trying not to breathe very much! *grin*

  3. Hmm I’ve been contemplating Eternal Sunshine… So it’s upsetting huh?
    Glad you’r all safe and had a good day at work:)

  4. Hamilton gardens are pretty, I liked the zen garden and english garden. Have not yet seen Eternal Sunshine, there will perhaps be slight trepidation now :). It always does seem to be the gentlemen of a certain age who do the obnoxious driving. A little sad, that.

  5. I wish I got storytelling training sessions in my job.
    Thank you for lending me bebopu, it’s double super awesome.

  6. I’m always amazed by the middle aged men in BMWs too. I mean, I drive at the speed limit, occasionally creeping up a tad and these guys come up behind you and sit a couple of car-lengths behind… 2 seconds, my arse) and then pass as soon as they have a straight bit of road… 100 m visibility… who needs it?… double yellow lines… don’t apply to me… cars coming the other way… no worries mate! after all the speed limit is the slowest you should drive on the open road, eh?

  7. Not that I’m arguing with Jenni or anything, for her Eternal Sunshine is upsetting, but for others its uplifting in a weird kind of way. Can’t really say anything without spoiling it but its a really cool movie. Don’t let the idea that you might be upset by it stop you from watching it – unless of course you hated Adaptation or were bored silly by Being John Malkovich. Probably not worth watching if you didn’t like them.

  8. i saw Eternal Sunshine the same weekend. i was upset for the characters, but once we had established that J wouldn’t want to erase me if we broke up, i wasn’t too worried. i found Kirsten Dunst annoyingly annoying thru it too. she was mainly plot device, but gyah!
    mostly i found the movie bittersweet – espech his memories of her, and the memories that he adapted.
    yoiks. must dash or won’t get to lf!

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