spongeblog nopants

I woke up this morning and I dunno, felt kinda absorbent. I haven’t moved all day but that’s par for the course I guess. The guy next to me has grown *again*. I don’t know how he does it. I just don’t have enough motivation I guess.
I wish something really yummy would waft through me. The storm last night should be creating some good currents. Sometimes I wish I was proactive enough to actually obtain food for myself, but then I get distracted by a fish or something. I guess that’s my problem, I just don’t have any kind of attention span, I can’t keep ideas long enough to think them through.
Yeesh, this entry is depressing me. I guess I’ll write some more later, if I can be bothered.

Yeah, so I was wondering just how boring a sponge’s diary would be. Now we all know. Thanks to Seraph for some weird wedding reception conversation without you I would never have blogged from a sponge’s point of view.
Tomorrow: Discus Chicken!