I am reading Snow White Blood Red which is a collection of fairytales for adults on loan from Zephfi. I am loving it, as expected.

I read Dark by Penelope Todd which is the sequel to Watermark which I read a while back. Spooky, urgent reading. Liked it a lot, but can’t imagine re reading.

Looked up on some old website friends. Eric conveys an emotion is still funny, and he has a bunch more emotions since I last looked! Hooray!

More weird is not proud which is what I was addicted to for ages then abruptly got sick of. Read through the sloth ones for gross out stuff.

My only new friend is Making Fiends courtesy of Sok. Lots of cutesy silly spooky cartoons. Watch ’em when you’ve got a bit of time and it’s OK to listen to singing and creaky monster noises.