Bleary eyed Sunday

Happy Children’s Day! Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

Last night I went to Rachel and Al’s party as a Gothic doll. I think I looked cool. I might try and upload some pics onto photobucket and link to ’em in my livejournal. If I can be bothered. I had fun at the party. I got to talk to Will which doesn’t happen much. I caught up with a bunch of people and we talked about the American election and sexy ladies in films and Mupplephone.*

Lots of yummy candy too. Mmmmm candy.
Also yesterday I had Yum Cha which was porklicious and nummy. Let me once more sing “I love Coconut Buns!” Then I went shopping with Evie and bought cool cute things. There’s a new shop full of cutey cheap stuff along Manners Mall and I got cool hair ties. I got Rachel a cat dressed as a pink witch at Morning Glory. Hooray! I kinda wanted it for myself but I gave it away anyway. I might yet go and buy myself a Tokyo-a-Gogo Bratz doll. They’re at Toyworld for $40 *right now*.

On Friday night I saw Coppelia which was wonderful. It is such a happy-happy story, and very funny. Lots of OTT arm movements and facial expressions to convey speaking and arguing. Wonderful. I loved the costumes too. Must own sparkly blue tutu. Jon Trimmer was Dr Coppelius and he was very very good, although I felt pretty bad for him. I mean Ok, he was a bit evil and tried to kill the main guy…but he thougt all his dreams had come true and he was really happy. And of course they hadn’t come true and it was just Swanhilde playing a trick.

Anyway. It was a fantastic ballet AND next year they are putting on the ballet of Dracula again! This is very exciting. The last time I saw Dracula was like, four years ago and it was wonderful and ever since I have wanted to see it again. I have wanted to rewatch it like a DVD or something. but I couldn’t because hello! Ballet! But they’re putting it on again in July so I am totally gonna go and I urge all of you who like the story of Dracula to go as well. It’s a truly awesome ballet and not too ‘dancing for no reason’. It follows the story very closely and is very dark and gothic and spooky.

Anyway, I’ll try and organise a group closer to the time.
I want a Bratz doll.

*Mupplephone is my mythic fourth child. She has social problems.


3 thoughts on “Bleary eyed Sunday

  1. Are you playing board games today my sweet? Do you want to include me or is it only for the couples who put grr in swinger, baby? ;p

  2. Dracula is neatie – I’d like to go see the ballet, I think seeing a story I like would be a good intro to a new (for me) entertainment/art form 🙂 Yes – waiting for Alan, I have time to post this *before* we go *back* to your place. I could just wait a few minutes and tell you in *person* I *suppose*. ***** (more asterisks for good measure).

  3. Wah! I have already blogged 2x about the weekend and totally forgot to post about the Ballet! It was awesome! Also got reminded that NZ is very tiny by a little girl in a tutu! 😉

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