Strangely odd

I feel naked this week. Only two days in to the non-wearing of the pedometer and I miss it…kind of. I don’t think the experiment worked terribly well to make me more active, I’m just too lazy.
My hayfever is trying to kill me still. It kind of calmed down over the weekend, but today it’s back and vengency and I go sneezy sneezy sneezy.

I am reading The Red Cardigan which is about a girl called Evie who is psychic and sees dead people. It’s very good and exciting, I should get it finished at morning tea time.

I am really enjoying watching through the Sherlock Holmes episodes. Especially the blatant allusions to his drug addictions and the veiled hints at a deeper relationship between Holmes and Watson, if you know what I mean. Eh what? Well…maybe that’s just Lee and me being silly.

My favourite quote: Holmes: “You know my methods, you figure it out.”
Itching to play more Inspectres.

Sunday arvo

I have been productive. I have written up my entry for the Scenario Design Contest for Kapcon. It is all pretty and nice. It has pictures and quotes. I don’t think it’ll win but it’s nice to have it all typed and pretty and that will make it easier for me to run at Kapcon, right?

I called it Matchmaking and Machinations which was Hix’s name that he came up with.
Yum Char this morning with family and Lee’s family and Chelle and Jase. (They count as family now I guess, sorry guys!) It was great as always.

I bought the missing Lemony Snicket books for my collection and we went to the cheap DVD shop in Jville and got Fargo, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the Trouble with Harry which increases the black comedy content of our DVD collection substantially!

Yesterday was spent visiting my family and it was very warm and relaxing. I finished the second book of Abarat which was good, and I read a very crappy kid’s book called the hidden stairs and the magic carpet and was the first of the Secrets of Droon series. Yeah. Sounds good doesn’t it?


I have new things! Hooray!
Thanks Suraya for showing me the Thunderpants website. Now I have me some lovely brightly coloured new thunderpants.

Hooray for the pretties.

I am feeling somewhat anti-social right now. I want to see my parents but I can’t bring myself to feel enthused about what my friends have organised. (Just trying to remain lazy is my only reason for not wanting to walk in a lovely bush setting. I must be lazy!) ….also I really hate driving up the rimutaka road so that’s another good reason.
I need about three months away from the city and the work and the net. Anyone got a spare island I could inhabit for a while? I feel worn out by everything. (Maybe just still tired…)
Anyway, hooray for new things.

Old jeans?

Does anyone have any old pairs of jeans hanging around their house that you no longer want or need, but haen’t gotten around to chucking out?
If you do, can I have them?

I am planning an all jeans quilt, and I have a bunch of my own pairs, but I don’t think I have enough…so any and all jeans donations welcome. Ripped, coloured, faded whatever. Just clean please!

Don’t wanna!

I’m too grumpy to blog.
BUT I watched a DVD last night with the lovely J-lately-of-Auckland and it was a French DVD and it was pretty good. Funny and farcical and about what to do when you want to have a husband and a lesbian lover. Lee didn’t like it very much, but I don’t think any of us are surprised.

I finally got the December Empire magazine yesterday after trooping over to the garage or supermarket *every day* last week in case it had come out. It wasn’t quite worth the wait, but then I haven’t read the Johnny Depp interview yet so it may redeem itself.

I want to see these upcoming movies: Ella Enchanted, Lemony Snicket, Finding Neverland, Incredibles, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Thankfully the first two are out pretty soon so not too long to wait. My sister is going to see Shall We Dance? with me and then I just need a date to see Bridget Jones 2.

There was a big thing on Sunday at the BBQ when Lee went off at me for suggesting he liked the first one so I won’t be counting on him for that.
(Even though afterwards I explained that far from claiming he loved it I had merely mentioned he enjoyed it. He had bizarrely thought I was running around telling everyone that he *Lurved* it and he wanted to have its babies. Or something. Anyway he jumped to a weird conclusion and had a nice long complain about me to everyone. It’s OK, we’ve sorted it out now. I just suspect that all the gazebo people may think I am running around telling people that Lee likes movies. God Forbid.)
I have the Weeping Song by Nick Cave in my head, and I like it!

My back is sore and I am sleeping badly and this makes me grumpy.


…is a fantastic ballet. I just loved watching them dance to the dark sinister Nick Cave songs. Giffy: it was the most extreme version of Aliens-trying-to-communicate ballet ever!

It was preluded by part fo a different ballet called Ellipse, and I really liked those dances too. It was three seperate dances that you were supposed to make up your own story for. That suited me just fine.

The first one was about a lady who had a demon possessed arm. She met another woman with a possessed arm and they had a lovely romantic relationship. Then a man turned up and the girlfriend was attracted to him. The man wanted her but not her lover. The girlfriend wanted both of them but it wasn’t to be. She left with the man and the original possessed arm lady was left alone in the swamp. (This whole thing takes place in a magic swamp.)

The second one didn’t really have a story but was my favourite of the three. It was a truly joyful dance with two sets of partners. They did lots of silly dances like “I’m going to hop back and forth over your outstretched leg” and “Billy-Bob dancing” (heh, some people know what I mean there…) The dancers for this one looked like they truly enjoyed themselves and that joy wa somewhat contagious. There were high fives and bottom slaps and it was awesome.

The third one was about an order of monks. They were living in happy seclusion with their rituals until their white goddess showed up in the flesh before them. One monk was immediately attracted to her and she eventually picked him over the others. They were lovers and he was granted mystic vision powers for being the Goddess’s consort. Eventually he tried to break away from her and return to the order, she didn’t want to let him go but he fought his way free, forsaking the magic vision and leaving her alone in the dark.

Then it was Underland and I fell in love with the songs “The Weeping Song” and “Stagger Lee”. I also loved “Prelude to Death” although it was pretty darn spooky and “Wild World” which had some awesome lyrics.
I was sad they didn’t do “Wild Roses” but not that surprised. They seemed to shy away from using his really famous stuff. (No Red Right Hand, sob!)

Anyway now I need someone to choreograph and perform ballets based on the works of these musicians: Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, Tom Waits (Heee! Singapore!) and more Nick Cave I think. The show was only 41 minutes long, so I think they could do more right?

Too too soppy

OK, so how soppy is it for a grown woman to be wearing one half of those gawdawful “best friends” necklaces, that is half a heart and your best friend has the other half?

I say it is extremely sad and soppy to wear one of those once you are no longer a teenager.
My sister pointed out to me a while back that it was especially ridiculous because the words “best” and “friend” get broken with the heart necklace, so one person gets something that says “Be Fri” and the other person gets to be a “st end”.
Boys don’t have to put up with this crap, so I don’t think girls should either.
/end rant.

PS. Giffy! You’re my Be Fri!

Mystery markings

I have blue stripes on the soles of my feet. Like someone has been marking days on me. There’s one on my left foot and two on my right. About a centimetre long and thick, like sharpie pen.
I haven’t been standing on sharpie pens, so I suspect Lee is drawing on me in the night. I haven’t broached the subject with him as I don’t want to sound accusatory. Or insane.
Maybe it’s a skin condition?

I have read the latest Lemony Snicket book The Grim Grotto. It was very good, exciting and twisty and more-secrets-revealed…Durnit I need the next one. Now I am reading the second Abarat book, Days of Magic, Nights of War. I probably should have re-read the first one because there’s a character in it that I thought had died, so I am obviously not remembering the story right.
Ah well. Too late now.

I am hungry for the new Empire magazine, which should be out Any Day Now. I have checked the Ngaio BP today and it’s not there. When will it arrive precious?
I can read my yahoo mail at work again, hooray hooray!

Watched some Sherlock Holmes last night. Lee finds them slow paced, but I enjoy the time you get to figure out the mystery yourself. There’s some truly terrible acting in it though. Especially in The Dancing Men….
Yay, it’s coming out sunny at last! I dressed for warmer climates this morning, because it was warm at home. Work is much less warm, and I was seriously considering heading home at lunch time for a warm jersey. Now I may not have to. I am easily pleased today, although perplexed over the foot markings.

More babies! Bigger babies!

My title isn’t referring to babies as such, but the desire for things to be grander, better and cooler. (It’s a making fiends reference, BTW “vote vote vote!”)

Now that I have resigned myself to wearing my glasses almost all the time I find myself wanting better glasses. My glasses help me see better and they look fine, but I want them to do MORE. Here follows a list of what cool things my glasses should be able to do:

  1. Enhance my vision telescopically, allowing me to read fine print from the far side of the restaurant, or see an ant at fifty paces.
  2. Text news feed that scrolls down one side of my vision. Stuff like: You have new email. A time read out would be useful too, as long as I could turn it off and on.
  3. Little windscreen wipers for when I am walking in the rain, it’d also be good if they could clean themselves like windscreens, although I wouldn’t want water jets.
  4. Night vision.

Is that too much to ask? I mean, it *is* the twentyfirst century now. If I can’t have a car that folds up into a suitcase then at least I should have glasses that can magnify 200 times when I ask them too.

summery Saturday morning

Ok, so it’s afternoon now.
Just been at Yum Char where I ate too much (as per usual for Yum Char) two coconut buns today.

Last night I watched LA Confidential and the special edition of Aladdin. Lee said I was allowed to sing along to the latter so I did. It was fun! It included a deleted song performed by Clay Aitken!

Yesterday in my lucky-special time off from work I went shopping and spent money at Supre. I bought a pink skirt (which I am wearing today in the hotness) and two ponchos. One is chocolatey brown and one is greens. Hooray!
This weekend is turning out to be full, but I guess it’s better to be out and about in this kind of weather.