Total Immersion

It might be because I did the wrong research. I watched Family Guy instead of LA Confidential.
I feel bad about the game last night.

Not because of the game but because I feel like I roleplayed badly. I was a poor roleplayer last night. Actually, I got the feeling I was trying to play a character too far removed from me so I didn’t know how he should be reacting. I didn’t feel like I embodied him properly. Gah.

This is a real pity because the game is freaking awesome and I want to do it justice. At least now I know how the system works and I have some stuff to think about and some interesting stuff going on (like, I seriously pissed off my toon.) Next time I promise to be better. In the meantime, as promised to the illustrious and awesome GM Hix, a summary of what happened to my character last night:

Binding scene: Wes and Greystone in a Western Saloon in Toon Town. Wes mentions that Greystone said something a while back that he didn’t like. (That he’d never be good enough to do any better than he is.)
Wes offers a partnership: Greystone will help Wes out for cigars and martinis. They have a cigar smoke off to seal the deal, Wes loses, turning green and choking. Greystone and Wes leave together.

Wes Ripley walks into the movie lot where his toon/demon Greystone is playing poker with some toons and a gunsel (Svend’s character Danny). Greystone is cleaning Danny out.

Wes and Greystone meet up with the commissioner and watch him have a meeting with an ex-con Home Run (Seraph’s character). Home Run has a toon called Miss Minx who is apparently in love with Greystone. Greystone translates the conversation in which Home Run promises the commish that he will not commit any more crimes. Then he says to his ‘friend’ Melvin to count him in on the big heist because he hates the commish. Wes finds this interesting but not as interesting as Miss Minx who is acting like Greystone’s groupie.

Wes and the commish go …somewhere…to talk. The commish asks Wes to get some officers watching Home Run and make sure he doesn’t interrupt the Commish’s big Shindig that’s coming up. He also mentions that Wes has a new partner. A woman. Wes has never had a partner before and now he gets a dame? He is very angry but the only sign of this is the white knuckles gripping the chair. The commish also hints at a captaincy vacancy that might be coming up soon and that one of them might get it if they play their cards right.

After that Wes heads back to his office. Greystone mentions that his throat’s getting dry and the thing that’d clear that up is the Captain’s cigars. The ones he keeps in his desk drawer. Wes has a crisis of conscience until his phone rings. It’s Keith Byrnel, socialite..offering him an invitation to a private gathering of influential people and possibly making romantic overtures. Greystone certainly thinks so saying “ask him if he’s gay!” repeatedly. Wes accepts the invitation and gets off the phone.

After checking with the receptionist about Captain -something-‘s whereabouts Wes attempts to filch a cigar for his toon. Unfortunately the Captain returns and catches him snooping. The captain doesn’t like Wes any so uses the opportunity to run him down. Wes mentions that he has been talking to the commissioner and that seems to set him back a little. Needless to say, Wes doesn’t get a cigar for Greystone.

Immediately following this Wes is visited by a female journalist who is rather crush-worthy. She has something for him, something private. They go to the file room (nobody ever goes there after all) and she gives him…an envelope. Containing pictures of the Toon Town police commissioner conducting a business transaction with the head of the Italian Mafia.

Wes thanks the lady and mentions that he owes her a favour. She seems very pleased with this…as she leaves another lady enters, Wes’s new partner.

She asks what’s in the envelope and they go for coffee. Wes is taunted in a whole new way “who’s your date?” by some cop. Wes asks the lady what she knows about Boss Pig. After she tells him she asks what he knows. Wes passes her the envelope much to Greystone’s chagrin. After looking at the photos she mentions that there are two ways to play this: Straight and Narrow or to use the pics for blackmail. Wes is unimpressed that she’d even think of that (mind you, she did transfer from Internal Affairs…). She tells him to sit on it and think it through. Greystone says “yeah Wes. sit on it.” Wes snaps at Greystone telling him to shut up or he’ll get nothing but Lucky Strikes. (No more delicious cigars). Greystone is highly annoyed and leaves.

Wes decides to take the photos to his Commissioner and try and make his big career break.

….yeah. Heaps of other stuff happened with the other characters and there were witty quips but I left my notebook at home. The only one I remember is Seraph saying: “when the bananas start screaming, I head round the back”
Aaaah Toons.


4 thoughts on “Total Immersion

  1. Jenni, allow me to disgree. I think we’re all finding our feet with challenges (roleplaying characters) that are way waaay outside our experiences on this game.
    To show you how subjective it all is: I felt like I was stumbling around for the entire game trying to figure out how to engage you players with things that were appropriate to your characters … while the Wes/Greystone interactions and pissings-off would rate near the top of my favourite things so far.
    I’ll probably think of more to say: good, solid intro; we were all entertaining each other; love the way the plots are all interweaving and how Boss Pig is becoming a major figure …
    Oh, and your write-up made me laugh. I forgot Greystone told you to sit on it. Toons.

  2. Thanks Hix. I feel a lot better now 🙂
    I was kinda dreading that you’d say “Yeah. You were no good, you may never play this game again.”

  3. No way, but you’ve got me wondering how I’m going to break that same news to Gino … 🙂
    G, I kid, I kid. I kid because I love.

  4. Yeah… obviously I wasn’t there, but I often feel insecure about my roleplaying abilities, esp with a new character… the thing at Fury where Jarratt and Morgue changed the rules on me, I felt SOOO out of my depth with everyone watching… but apparently it worked…
    I have never seen you be anything but good, and sometimes you are truly awesome.
    I want to roleplay NOW NOW NOW… but have to go to Taupo for weekend and be nice and live in the real world with in laws and parents and Nige(-:

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