you all everybody

Am in a strange dream state. I blame the lack’o’sleep combined with the finishing reading Sandman: the Kindly Ones.
Right after I’d read the end we went grocery shopping. The supermarket was strangely empty with heaps of really good parking available in the best places. I walked through the fruits and vege numbly, collecting mushrooms.

People around me seemed to also be sleepwalking, there were an unusually high number of bumping-intos. Lee rammed a lady’s baby-carrying trolley and she gave him the Cold Glare of Death, but he ignored it. I trailed in his purposeful wake, feeling much more like Delirium than I normally do.

I saw things I don’t normally see, like the way that when you look at the rows of tomato sauce all sideways they sort of come towards you and ask you to knock them onto the floor. I looked for coconut jelly but you can’t buy it at Thorndon New World.
My spine feels out of kilter.

I blame this poem which has lodged itself in my brain. I found it online at this place. I can do that you know, if I want to.

“All around me darkness gathers,
Fading is the sun that shone;
We must speak of other matters:
You can be me when I’m gone
Flowers gathered in the evening,
Afternoon they blossom on;
Still are withered by the evening:
You can be me when I’m gone”
~ Neil Gaiman, the Kindly Ones.
Tomorrow: Jenni rants about the shoes she hates.

Can’t talk

…too busy trying to stay awake.

My brain is fried by the heat. Fried in the best possible way, like the chicken wings at Yum Char. (Mmmmmm Yum Char.)
Actually my belly seriously rebelled against Yum Char yesterday, I felt like I wasn’t enjoying it enough when I was there and then my belly was crazy full all day. We had Hell pizza for dinner and my belly was not happy with me. Today I am eating little, in order to placate the belly.

Got another person hooked on Lost. Go Jenni!
Read an awesome book called Not Even Wrong by Paul Collins which is a kind of history of Autism framed by the author’s experiences with his Autistic son. It is lovingly written and researched and very readable. I recommend it for people who like learning stuff.

Spent the night tossing and turning in the heat and the uncomfortable. Every time Lee got near me I felt like I was roasting. I dreamed about the love theme from Phantom of the Opera . Was humming it all morning.


We booked a trip to Rarotonga last night!

OMG! OMG! I’m leaving the country!

It’s not til July, because that way we get to go to the beach while it’s winter. We’re going with my sister, and it’s very exciting. I have to save money. I have to get a passport.
In the meantime I am very sleepy indeed and it’s lovely and sunny outside and I can’t just lie in it and read all afternoon that way I could at the bach. *sigh*

I hate to work. I just wanna be a lady of leisure and bask in the sun all day.
Also, does anyone know when Lost is starting on NZ TV? I’ve seen it advertised on the backs of buses, but my internet searching hasn’t turned anything up.

Shameless promotion of my friends.

So…I added a coupla links yesterday. Here’s the official advertisement so you go and look at ’em.

My mate Steve. He comments on here as hix, you may have “seen him around”. His blog is full on incredible insider information about writing for TV and movies. He also does a lot of writing about movies he’s seen and roleplaying games stuff. He’s smart, he’s one of my Gamer Boyz. Go read his stuff.

He’ll link you pretty fast to the forge, but since I joined it and forgot to go back, I thought I’d link you there too. It’s an Indie rpg community with lots of neat stuff. My favourite area is the actual play reports thread. It’s here.

While I’m at it (and being read by a bunch of roleplayers) you should also have a look at these people who were at Kapcon. My Be Fri Giffy. She writes about all sorts of life things, much like me.
Svend who won the best single game GM award for Operation Icebox, and writes about how he’s just bought a house and roleplaying and stuff.

Matt and Debbie who are funtastic people. We won the cosplay competition last year together and they are thusly very awesome. They were in my playtest of Matchmaking and Machinations.

Matt also says I have to go back to Kapcon, so I guess I will. *Sigh*.
Once you’re through all that, you should just go ahead and check out the rest of my links on the side there, cause they’re all good.

Kapcon 14

As with last year, I’ll do a quick summary of games and add in some quotes that I recorded. I will start now:

First thing Saturday I packed up everything I remembered needing and picked up Star from the railway station. I drove us up the wrong road but eventually we got to Kapcon. It was great to see all the rpgers that I don’t see otherwise (because I keep forgetting to go to WARGS).

My first session game was Dale’s The High Price of Spandex, which is a fantastic game. Depth and hilarity and awesome puzzles. I played Professor Eternity, and inventor from 1840 who has kept herself ageless and disease free with her Bodice of Multitudinous Function. Heee!
some quotes;
Dale as German supervillain Iron Cross trying to piss off the Arnuld-like Ground Zero: “Zero! You are look like little girl! I have comtempt for American!”
Captain Hope: Where do you come from? Like Minnesota or something?
Legionnaire: I think you would call it Hell.
Prof. Eternity: Ah, so it is Minnesota.
In the second round I ran my Jane Austen game Matchmaking and Machinations. It went Very Well Indeed. I had some very good players (only one gender-bending, a guy as Patience) and here are some of the quotes…

Darryl: I will try to keep the slime to myself
Alice: That is good, I wouldn’t want it to discolour my outfit.

Patience: She looks happy! I can’t approve of that.

Darryl: How did you find these sisters?
Elliot: They came through the front door.
D: Ah, I see your wit is as………..ever.

Darryl on Lily: It would be unfair to unleash her on the men of London.

Elliot: There seems to be silence from the other room.
Patience: Dear me, you don’t suppose they could be holding hands?

hee hee hee. It was verily a session of hilarity. After that I ate fish and chips and talked to people and then it was a weird moment of coincidence as I was in Conan’s Nobilis game playing Mischief right before the LARP just like last year. It was a wonderful game, although much more scary and serious than last year’s which meant I didn’t get to make nearly as much mischief as I had intended. I did however create a new pop song “My Immortal Toxic of Love”

…and there was a bit when people said “They’re not from Now yet” which I thought was rather eloquent and lovely.
The the LARP. I have no quotes from the LARP funnily enough, but I had a great time. Sam and I played Amazon sisters and I was a battle truck mechanic. We got some airbrush make-up. Green stripes over the eyes and a brown stylised A on the arm. We looked pretty darn cool, but the amount of effort that went into the evil mutant costumes was astounding. Ian’s Best Costume award was well deserved.

Spent the night meeting people and recruiting help to free Giffy, who was playing the Amazon Queen captured by the world’s most annoying and smug slavers. Great fun!

Was very tired when we got home and spent a good 15 minutes scrubbing at my eyes with cleanser and baking soda to remove green stuff. It was OK at the start but there’s only so long you wanna do that sort of thing. I still have the A on my arm. It’s cool. Continue reading

Shaky Ises take 2

I didn’t want any more earthquakes! It was a big one this morning. Big enough that I went for the door frame (didn’t fo that at all the other night) and stuff fell off out bookshelf. They were precariously balanced things but still. Stuff falling off shelves!
Now I’m scared to go to work in case it’s The Big One and I get stranded there and Lee’s at home and he just got back and I wanna be with him. I’m not sure irrational fear is a valid reason for calling in sick though. It was bigger than the Tuesday ones though, and closer to us.

In other news, Lee came home! He bought me such a beautiful thing: a scrapbook/photo album bound in Kauri. It’s really very lovely. I also got rock candy and a cute little flower necklace made from Kauri cones.
We also talked through some things that I figured out in the time we spent apart, so that’s all good.

Watched some more Lost! Squee!
Right, my belly’s still turning over with shaky earth fear, but I need to have a shower. Laters!

Shaky Isles

Growing up in Wellington has prepared me well for the worst case scenario of a giant earthquake. Last night there were two really quite strong ones. I checked on this site and freaked out because of all those quakes coming from the same place.

So I changed the water bottles and made two new ones so if I do get stranded in my apartment I won’t die of dehydration. I should probably get a reliable torch. I have candles and matches and everything, plus heaps of canned food and the ability to cook on our rusted up Bbq.

As it turns out I have today off work too, which was unexpected since I copied out the dates wrong. Hurrah! More scrapbooking and listening to Phantom of the Opera.

“Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime
let me lead you from your solitude”

Edited: The quake swarm is nothing to worry about.

Angel my soul was weak, forgive me.

Phantom of the Opera was wonderful. Raoul as action hero was quite wonderful and I just adore the music and Carlotta was awesome and Christine so good and the clothes and the sets and and and.

I am SO buying it on DVD and if anyone wants to see it, I’ll totally go and see it again. *groans* So. Awesome.
Must now change all my lj icons into the Phantom ones Cleolinda made. Then I’m scrapbooking some more. Woot!
Ps. Two more sleeps ’til Lee gets back! Hurrah!

You’re forgetting to fly when you sleep

Eh-heh. I passed on Lost addiction to three more people yesterday. We watched the first two episodes and they are hooked!

Today: Family time and Phantom of the Opera awesome.

Yesterday these things were also watched: A Knight’s Tale, Super-size Me and the Viewer Mail ep of Family Guy. I had a good day, and I didn’t leave the house apart from to take out the trash and that’s inside the building still. My house is relatively tidy and I just did the dishes.

Yesterday I downloaded a bunch of screen caps from movies in preparation for when I start making my own lj icons. It will happen one day. Oh yes.
Tra la la…I woke up at 5am today. Too freaking early! I did get some more dozy sleep after that but I still feel like I woke up at 5am.

Summer Glee

Yesterday was a lovely day of lovelyness. Svend and I attended Lee’s niece’s first birthday picnic in the Botanic Gardens and ran into some stonesoupers there which was realy nice. The weather was sweltering and make-you-melty but I ate corn and raspberries and nice bread, so that was good.

Then we wandered around, saw the ducks and the roses and then went to Spotlight where I bought two metres of Daddy Cat fabric. ooh -err. I’ll be making some Daddy Cats I think! They had a really good dress fabric sale on right now, BTW.
Then I came home, had a refreshing shower and watched The Never-Ending Story which is just as good as I remember it although I’m unsure of the method of dealing with bullies. I mean, it’s not like any bullied kid can emulate how Bastian deals with the bullies, (Chases them down with a luck dragon) so I’m not sure what the point of that framing story is.

I want a luck dragon. Even though when I watched it closely it’s mouth wasn’t moving nearly enough to formulate words, but it did blink with its eyes slightly out of sync like I do, so I think I should be allowed one.
Then Svend and I walked to the Botanic Gardens and met Regs and her Mum and Sister and we watched the free concert if Shaken not Stirred which was very good.

I’m reading Sandman again. I’ve just finished Seasons of Mists.
I’m listening to an Ani Di Franco live cd and thinking that this may not be the best introduction to her music….