Cold cold cold dolc

Today it is very cold. The forecast said a high for the day of 19. It is so cold my fingers have shrunk and my ring is slipping around. (Not too much though).

Tonight: I make russian fudge again. It has been long enough that the pain and suffering of the ordeal has faded in my mind and I feel I can try again to make fudge.

My plan is to go to WARGS tomorrow night, but I might be tempted to go to quiz night instead. We’ll see.

Saw Vanity Fair yesterday morning and enjoyed it immensely. We were the only ones in the theatre which was neat. Although startling to come out and see a throng of people waiting to see the Spongebob movie. VF was just lovely to look at. Sumptuous and sparkly. Colourful and man, Reese Witherspoon is good looking! It made me crave pretty dresses so there was Annah S visiting to follow. MMmmm pretty floofy Annah S dresses.

Then I ate Burger King which is wrong and awful. Bad Jenni!
Then Zephfi, HP and I went into to Number one shoe warehouse and bought NOTHING! None of us bought shoes! We were very good!

Other than that my day was a relaxing sitting on the couch and talking to visitors day. Watched some Lost watched Josie and the Pussycats. Is all good. Then I became depressed because it’s Monday again and I have to work. On the upside I have a party to look forward to on Saturday. Hurrah!

That rarest of Beasts

A Sunday morning entry! Unheard of!

Mostly this is an entry to give the heads up to people who want to know what to give Lee and me for our engagement. I made a list I did. I put it on my lj with the comment emailing turned off so you can comment away and it won’t tell me.
I am likely to check back on it though to see if anyone is using it and if it’d be a good way to run a wedding list. So here it is.

I’ve had a very restful weekend. We saw House of Flying Daggers on Friday night which is gorgeous and wonderful and lovely. Full of extremely good looking people. It was only slightly marred by the thirteen year old boy sitting next to me who kept invading my personal space and waving his cap at me and elbowed me when he got up to go to the bathroom halfway through. Jeez. His friends were rather fond of talking during the movie but not too fond. Mostly they did it when the soundtrack was very loud so it didn’t matter.

Also had the same experience as Zephfi of people laughing at inopportune moments in the movie. Suspect they were overwhelmed by emotional drama and laughed so they wouldn’t cry? Anyway loved it, but falls into the same category as other epics such as Hero and Crouching Tiger which I really enjoyed but I never want to see them again.
Yesterday I slept in too much and spent the day feeling blurry. Had a visit from Evie and Jarratt which was lovely, haven’t seem them in ages. Read a lot: Dork Tower, Fruits Basket (thanks Evie) and even a little Simply Alice because am incorrigible and want to read the Alice books again.

What’s my age again?

Hmm. Am going to have to start chasing people up to RSVP to engagement party. We just need to know so we don’t buy too little food. I’m not so worried about having too much food, as that can always be donated to the lovely hosts. So, if you were invited but haven’t RSVPed this is your request to do so. Haven’t heard back from some important people and realise that email may not be the best way of contacting them. I will be sending some texts at lunchtime.

I had a wedding dream this morning. It was lovely, all bright colours and lovely people. The wedding was held on a wrought iron and glass platform among treetops. The photographer was amazingly innovative: had a huge roll-up wall hanging that bridesmaids could be arranged on and tucked into and photographed as it rolled up and down.
I think I was wearing red. Mmmmm. Red.

I did a meme on lj where I made a list of ten things I’ve done that most other people haven’t. ‘Twas harder than I thought it would be as some things I wanted to put in were actually very personal, or TMI. Or not my things to share. Or just really boring. Anyhoo. Annoying.


It’s cold in the morning now, like winter cold. In the afternoon it hots up again though. Right now my feet are boiling in their shoes but this morning I was wearing a jersey.

I haven’t noticed it getting dark earlier but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Daylight savings is probably going to end soon and then we’ll now summer’s really over. *sigh*.

Still. at least it’s hot *now*. I kinda want an icecream because my throat is feeling sore.

Last night we played My Life With Atari and it was silly fun although I was quite skittish. It fit the character well, but I felt like maybe I was being a bad roleplayer, leaving the room and stuff. I have quotes from it at home.

I love that our Master Atari is so evil but he has this huge soft spot for puppies.

Somethin’ for the boys

Ok, so most likely a lot of wedding stuff will be blogged about. As such I am forced to include something to entice my esteemed male readers to return to my blog. I’ll start with something I stole off Simeon. He posted it on the KAOS memepool aaaages ago. I looked through the pics then and have been thinking about them ever since. Especially since Giffy gave Lee that lovely calendar.

The effect of celery on knicker elastic.

Aaah how I love soft porn paintings from the fifties.
Tomorrow: gratuitous pictures of cars and power tools.

dressing up Gwen

I was searching online for pics of Gwen Stefani’s gorgeous wedding dress when I found this awesome site: paper doll heaven. Choose your favourite Hollywood celebrity and play dress ups! I’ve only had a quick play with Eliza Dushku but it’s pretty wonderful.

Couldn’t sleep last night, fretting over engagement party plans. I have photocopied a bunch of stuff for sticking into my wedding planner book. Will do that tonight during roleplaying. (Yay! Say the Gamer Boyz).

Talked to my mother who has talked to another aunt. No demands there except that she wants to be invited. Apparently all my extended family is expecting something “interesting” (read: weird and unusual) for _my_ wedding. I didn’t realise I had this reputation with my extended family, but there you are.

Lee says that’s it, we’ll have to live up to their expectations and have a naked wedding. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the aunts.

PS. Ring resized and back on finger! Yay!

Out of hand already?

Lee had his first nightmare about the wedding:

It was our wedding day. I had chosen a horrible version of Wallaceville house for the venue and forced him to wear a bright red silk suit shot with silver. He was very pissed off.

Since I have told him he should pick his own outfit for the wedding, he has nothing to worry about from me, but I am still a tad concerned at being the cause of all the wedding awfulness. On the up side I know why he had that dream last night. We watched Four Weddings and a Funeral before bed.

Also we saw my parents for the first time since becoming engaged yesterday and they passed on a request from the rellies down South: that I use no less than six of my little girl second cousins as flower girls. Given that I have only met three of them and haven’t seen even them for like six years I am less than enthusiastic. I mean, if I wanted a bevy of adorable flower fairies, I’d want them to be little girls I had some kind of relationship with.

It is tempting to have a kind of unholy army of flower girls though. I could send them out to create chaos….If I factored in all the boy cousins and second cousins as pageboys I could really raise a battalion. Heee.
I’m hoping not to cause a family scandal by saying no to the aunt.

So besides that there was a lot of wedding talk yesterday with the parentals and my sister, then the movie. I’ll try and take it easy on him this week. There’s only so much I can organise without a wedding date and venue set anyway.
We have four engagement cards now, including one from Sok’s family. So sweet!


Wasting sickness melted away on Wednesday night and all yesterday I was at work and feeling fine. I would have updated but we were quite busy and last night I had a meeting.

Today I am going to drop my engagement ring off and get it resized. I am very sad about leaving it behind and keep thinking of excuses not to but I do want it to fit so I don’t have to keep explaining why it’s on my middle finger.

Other news includes the sudden appearance of a fairy god-lj user, who granted my wish for a paid account with more icon storage. I think I know who it is, but I’m not telling. It’s neater this way.

Included in my new iconage are some awesome Lost cartoon icons. Taken from the hugely talented Miggy. Here is the original picture, Lost fans prepare to drool.

Apart from that it seems to have become warm and summery again. I suspect because I wore long pants yesterday. I know we’ve had a proper summer this time because I’m missing my jeans.

La la la. Started a wedding book last night. One of my blank notebooks has photocopies of dresses pasted in and it’s where I’m a gonna keep all the stuff together. Hee hee hee. Lee rolled his eyes something terrible when he saw.
Oooooooh watched the (American) new Lost last night. Mmmmm.

Wasting sickness

I am home from work. I came home yesterday after I felt even weirder than what I blogged about.

My sickness seems to be of a limb-heavying, woozy head variety. Symptoms include fatigue, weeping (this is normal for me when sick) and a craving for pebbles/jax/smarties/M&Ms. My hip joints feel wrong, like my legs might fall off at any time.
I’m gonna have kransky and eggs for lunch in an effort to build myself up. Whatever that means. I think nearly everyone who wil care now knows about my impending nuptials. (as margrave_yuri so elegantly puts it.) This makes me happy, and eager to get some things done.

Of course in my current state of fatigued legs-falling-off there is little I can achieve. Flicking through NZ Bride and Groom and Cosmopolitan Bride magazines seems to be the limit. That and making notes.

Man, I want candy coated chocolate.