Revelations for a Wednesday

I don’t like TV but I’m drawn to it.
Reality TV is getting worse and worse.

Charmed is silly. Very very silly. Although Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince is on it. Hi Uncle Phil!
Singstar makes songs be stuck in your head. Yesterday it was Spandeau Ballet’s Gold. Today is Franz Ferdinand Take me Out.

Giffy’s house is nice, but a bit cold. Maybe it was just that the window had been left open in the conservatory? Lots of lovely storage and a good layout. I am impressed by the awesomeness of the kitchen.

They don’t reveal the main character’s name in Feed until page 106. I think this is an awesome, awesome trick. If only they didn’t mention his name like, a zillion times on the dustcover. I am completely in love with this book, which you may know already from my babbling yesterday.

I’ll be able to go to just less than one week of daytime film festival this year, if I can save money and have it left after Rarotonga. I can book tickets for evening stuff in the second week when I’ll be back at work.
What fills me up for lunch on one day leaves me with a hole in the belly the next day. I don’t know why.


Feeling Ok about being back at work, although my back and neck have been giving me all sorts of grief. I think I need a new pillow? Probably need to exercise more as well.

I am reading Feed by M.T. Anderson which is a futuristic teen novel. Everyone is implanted with a chip in their brain which they recieve the ‘feed’ from. Basically advertising; banner ads, etc but smart. The feed sees what you see and tells you where you can buy clothes other people are wearing, music that you hear. It knows where you are and gives you restaurant recommendations for the area. It can hear what you think and supply you with the word you can’t think of.
Once I got a hang of the slang it’s very easy to get into. I am loving this book and I’m only a few chapters through.
I made up a word for the title. You like?

I’m playing Sims 2 University and liking it a lot. It really adds dimension to the game, and I like the new clothes. Wuss that I am I nearly cried in the cut scene when my original Sims 2 Mom said goodbye to her daughter, crying and hugging her as she moved into the dorm.

Meep. That’s it for now. I think everyone was intimidated by my mega long post on Sunday, so I’ll keep this one brief. If I ask for comments like Giffy does, will you guys comment for me?

Easter Sunday

I remember waking up Waaaaaaaay too early one Easter Sunday with the excitement of impending chocolate. There was me and my sister being entertained in the very dark lounge by my brother who was making his torch do rocket impressions.
Anyhoo, no such excitement today. Lee and I bought our eggs with our weekly shopping so there’s no surprise…I already ate a bunch of eggs too. Mmmmm chocolate.

Let’s see. I should catch you up on things, yes? Thursday night was Giffy’s party which was all kinds of fun. I talked to lots and lots of different people and had yummy pizza and ginger ale and then I started dancing and Lee said it was time to go home. Giffy sang very well and I started an appreciative “Woooo!” for her after the second line so she could tell we were enjoying it. I was sad she didn’t sing more. The band were very cool though, and I would definitely consider having them at our wedding except with the cutting costs it’s very unlikely and besides, Lee’s happier if we don’t have dancing.

On Friday we drove around lots and went to Chelle and Jase’s. Lee went to play network games and I went to gossip. Chelle had new wedding magazines for me so we pored over them together with Rachel and it was just really nice.
Saturday: Got up and did my pilates DVD. Good Jenni! I was interrupted half way through by a uniformed police officer knocking on my door (knocks on the door which aren’t preceeded by a call on the intercom being exceedingly rare). He was going around the entire building asking people if they’d seen anything regarding a suspicious fire.

Of course, we were out all day Friday so completely un-helpful.
Went into town for a new computer cooling thingie. Global Fabrics don’t have much interesting stock right now. I was disappointed. Looked in Lazule and found the bracelet I really like. It’s $130. Ouch. Then we went to the Fabric Warehouse on Thorndon Quay and found some very pretty silvery jacquard-type fabric. It was really cheap so I bought 2.5 metres on the off-chance I can use it for a wedding dress. It isn’t a bright colour like I’ve been thinking I want, but Lee and I both found it very attractive so I thought what the hell? I can always use it for something else.

Got grumpy because I couldn’t go to Luminary and buy pretty sparklies, and there was a freaking car show on outside my house. It was all drag racing and burn off competitions. I don’t understand the appeal. Matt and Debbie came over to get Lost off us and we played Gloom and Bohnanza. Gloom is awful/awesome. In a game where you win by making your people most unhappy, then kill them, positive descriptors don’t make sense. I love the game though, and I would like my own copy.

The car show ended with them doing something so incredibly loud that our windows were rattling with impact and it literally sounded like people shooting huge cannons at each other. It was some kind of jet engine car as it turned out. Maybe they’ll do it again this afternoon…it was a bit like being in a Natural Disaster/Alien Invasion movie.

We went into town to meet Rachel and watch Deep Blue. It’s a BBC doco about the ocean and all the beasties who live in it. Yes, we are so intellectual, seeing a nature documentary on a Saturday night. Marvel at our superiority and my attempt to be po-faced. Or Edgar Allen Poe-faced which made Rachel laugh and laugh. The movie was lovely. Not quite Travelling Birds quality as it felt like the movie of the series (which it was) but good all the same. I would have liked some kind of scael reference for the blue whale, since y’know. It looked big and all, but when it’s just a whale in the ocean it’s hard to tell just how big.

I liked the penguin sequence because they were so fat and waddley. I felt bad for the males all hudling together in the blizzard though. Octopuses remain freaky. I like sting rays and sharks, and kind of hate orcas now, since they were only portrayed in a mean eating machine kind of a light. Other favourite bits include the weird-ass deep sea creatures that look more like things you’d make out of plastic bags and glow-sticks and the awesome wave photography right at the very start.
I am very tempted to run a Toon game where everyone is some kind of weird sea creature that’s come on land to make it big…I’d like to see someone playing one of those seahorses that look more plant than animal. They creep me out. I’ll be the one that just looks like a bunch of interlocked glowing rings. He was cool.

Then Lee and I came home with much homemade fudge and I watched some Chobits.
This morning I dreamed I was working at a summer camp for troubled kids and it was a haunted summer camp. The toy lawn mower and plastic toy car had come alive and were menacingly watching me head to the eating hall after dark from the walls of a shed. They were gravity-defyingly evil! This may be based on the Robots trailer we saw which seemed frighteningly Brave Little Toaster-ish…upgrade or be destroyed. Appliances revenge? Maybe not.

They so didn’t know what previews to put before Deep Blue. We got Robots, Hillary Duff’s Raise Your Voice (Which I quite want to see because it looks like Centre Stage but a music school not a dancing school, and I’ms something of a sucker for school stories) and Vin Diesel’s the Pacifier. Rachel and I are both bad people because we laughed in this trailer. In my defense it was the cute little girl falling to the ground and saying “Land! Land!” because she thought she was going to die with Vin Diesel driving the mini-van, but still. Bad movie. Will not see it.

Then I had yummy chicken at the noodle place and bought Practical Magic on DVD. Bad Jenni! That’s not saving money! I also wanted Bowling for Columbine and The Crow. *sigh*

Actually, that’s a pretty weird threesome isn’t it?
I love to be eclectic.


Sorcerer last night was cool. It was really very cool. Even though my character didn’t achieve his goal (well, he became a hero cop, but didn’t get promoted) I think he learned some things and will actually have a proper life now. With friends. Well, maybe a girlfriend?

I felt like I did justice to the character and I did good roleplaying. The game seemed to work smoother last night than in earlier sessions (or maybe they are just so long ago now I can’t remember them clearly). I had a lot of fun, so yay for my Gamer Boyz and Grrl and hurray for roleplaying!

Hanging out for today’s workday to be over so that I can go to Giffy’s party and have a holiday weekend. I really feel like I need it. I slept through Wellington’s weather again. I heard Auckland then I phased out and back in for Christchurch. Ah, well. It’s not going to effect me marvelous much anyway.


I’m feeling pretty grumpy this week.

I had a good moan to the quiz night people last night, which made me feel better for a while, but this morning I am grumpy again. I think it has to do with daylight savings. The sleep in is good, but Lee won’t let me go to sleep at the usual time, so I’m all out of whack.

The weather’s pretty whack as well, cold/hot. Drizzley grey, fog, dark early.

Quiz night was OK, I got to answer some of the questions which made me feel smart, but the usual annoyance at the obscurity of the music round pissed me off. I must begin to study popular music from the 70s and 80s. Then I will reign supreme!

Sorcerer roleplaying tonight. I think being grumpy is quite a good frame of mind for Sorcerer, in particular the end-game which we will play tonight.

I need a new pillow. I’m sure I wouldn’t be as grumpy if I didn’t wake up with cricks in my neck and back.
Moan, moan, moan.

Literature and gunfire.

Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux is a very different beast to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical movie. I’m sure none of you are surprised by that statement, but I’m going to elaborate anyway.

On Friday I bought five classic novels for $20. Phantom was one of them, and since I am somewhat obsessed with the music I am now reading it. It is a fantastic book; well written, funny, scary and exciting, but I am struck again and again by the fundamental differences between the Phantom I know and the book.

First and most striking point: Raoul cries a lot in the book. Mostly because he loves Christine and she is acting like a crazy bitch, but still. He cries a LOT. He never cries in the movie.

Second: well, mostly I’m just sticking with the crying men thing. The Phantom himself cries too. I think it must be Christine, she makes men cry with her crazy.

Thirdly: They keep performing Faust. In the movie they perform Il Muto *and Hannibal. I don’t know why the Faust bothers me except for the fact that it seems to be all they perform ever.

Fourthly: Well, it’s longer, obviously. There’s much more explaining of the story points, and backstory. Everyone calls the Phantom by his actual name (Erik) which is somewhat different.

Ok, so mostly men cry in this book. I haven’t read many books where the men cry. It’s neaty.

In other news I was concerned this morning to hear many gunshots. I think it was the cannons on Roseneath but I have no idea why they were firing. It’s no one important’s birthday is it? Anyway they normally do salutes at midday, so we assumed it meant the harbour was under attack.

Sure enough when I looked out the window there was a distinctly military** looking ship moving around by the docks. The news mentioned nothing about us being at war, so I’m going to assume they’re trying to keep it secret.

*Is Il Muto even a real opera? Or is it something that Lloyd Webber made up? I don’t know, but if it’s a real opera I’m frightened. It seems awful.

**It was all grey. Not just partially grey, but all grey. Like a sky satelitte dish.

Global warming in New Zealand

I don’t know how many of you read/believed the sensationalist headlines of the Dom Post on the weekend, but I received this through work mail and though y’all might be interested. They quoted him all wrong.

(This is cut and pasted from an email from the actual guy. I am not making this up.)

You will have seen the front page Dominion Post in the weekend with
alarming predictions of global sea-level rise for the next hundred years,
based on comments I am supposed to have made during a presentation to the
Environment Committee of the Wellington Regional Council. For the record I
specifically told the the Dominion reporter, Colin Patterson that the
scientific consensus on sea-level rise as reported by the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its 2001 assessment report
was 0.5 to 1m by the end of the 21st century. In subsequent phone
interviews I reiterated to Colin Patterson that it would be incorrect, and
irresponsible to suggest a sea-level rise of more than 1m in the next
hundred years. This was 2 weeks ago, and he indicated that 1m was not
newsworthy and that the article would not go ahead. However with the
recent storm surges affecting Hawkes Bay the Dom Post have clearly seen an
angle to link that coastal inundation with sea-level rise caused by
climate change. The reports of 5m sea-level rise in the next 100 years,
and 10m in 150 to 200 years attributed to me are dishonest reporting.
The 5 to 10 m sea-level rise scenarios were presented to WRC as a worse
case scenario involving total collapse of both West Antarctic and
Greenland ice sheets which would only happen under conditions of continued
greenhouse gas emissions and certainly were not expected in the next 100
years. It was stressed that sea-level rise of several meters would take a
number of centuries. The whole climate change issue is extremely topical,
and the press are looking to put alarmist comments up against skeptics.
Its irresponsible and not helpful for the public. In case you are asked
what is going on, below I provide the likely scenarios/consequences for
climate change in the next 100 years as reported by IPCC and the NZCCO
Policy for Regional Councils. You may
� 0.5 to 1 m global sea-level rise as a consequence of greenhouse gas
emissions and global warming (loss of ice mass and thermal expansion of
the ocean)
� 1.5-4.8 degrees C increase in temperature (2-3 degrees C likely for NZ).
If global averge temperatures increase by 2 to 3 degress general concesus
is that the Earth will face catastrophic climate chnage.
� doubling of 1990 atmospheric carbon-dioxide levels. Pre-industrial levels
were 280-ppm. CO2 is currently 380ppm (30% increase which is likely to
� Increased influence of El-Nino climate patterns with increased rainfall
and more frequent flooding in the west of NZ and droughts in the
east?.warmer and wetter.
Recent observations are showing greater ice-mass loss from Greenland, West
Antarctica and low to mid-latitude glaciers than anticipated in 2001. The
Andean ice cap, glaciers on Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro, in Alaska and the
European Alps have lost up to 50% of their area. Sea-level rise of 1m by
end of the century now seems quite likely and the above predictions will
be reassessed in the IPCC 2005 report.
Dr Tim Naish
Geological Time & Past Environments Section
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences

so yeah. Media sensationalism again. It just makes you wonder how often this kind of exaggeration takes place and we’d never know it.

It also reminds me of the spooky stuff I saw in The Corporation about how it’s not illegal to lie on the news in the USA. Must buy that on DVD so I can make people watch it.