After the dentist visit…(Posted to Lj)

Man, I really hate dentists. Well, no. I hate the things that dentists do to me. In defense of my dentist, I felt hardly anything when he gave me the injection. He is actually a really good dentist, it’s just that it’s been so long since I went that my teeth are basically cores of decay with a brittle but hard outer coating. Niiiiiice.
This means that he had to put ozone on my teeth to stop the decay so I wouldn’t need a root canal. I’m all for that, even if it does cost another $90. EEEK! So, he was saying while he was doing it that my teeth were much worse than he thought and the fillings were hard to do, etc.
He had me shove my lower jaw out to the right while he drilled, and I had to hold it there so long that my entire jaw seized up and I couldn’t close it. I didn’t panic because I knew it was his fault and that he’d fix it for me. It’s weird not being able to shut your mouth. Really weird. Obviously he did fix it and I feel fine now, numbness fading slowly from the injection.
At the end he told me he thought I was really brave. That made me feel both good and like I was about five years old. Not going again til the end of May. That’ll teach him.

Five kinds of happy

1. In bed with the warm covers and it’s dark and it’s time to sleep and there’s spooning. Bliss.
2. Well fed.
3. Time off work to do whatever you want, like go to movies or mooch around the house doing nothing.
4. Craft project completed!
5. Giving people presents and seeing real joy in receiving. Knowing you picked the right thing.

Less stupid

It’s amazing how people giving you money can make you feel better 🙂

Right, excited about the 48 hour film comp. I wonder if we’ll even get accepted to enter? Huh, if we don’t I guess we can just have a party or something instead that weekend.

We played Changeling last night, and it was good, if a bit scatty. Actually it seems like maybe we were all in slightly bad moods, since the game of Apples to Apples we played waiting for Seraph to turn up turned quite mean. It was pretty fun though….

Seraph came and met me for lunch today, that was nice. Last week Giffy and Phreq came and had lunch with me and that was nice too. More people should meet me for lunch!

Woke up at 2.30am because my leg was aching. The reason it was aching was that I was too cold! An extra blanket took care of that rather quickly. I have learned my lesson. Last night was the first night since the Ice Age hit that I haven’t had the heater on in the bedroom. No more. Tonight it goes on again and my legs will not ache.


…is what I am. There is no way I am going to save any money for the wedding ever. Especially since I just registered for the 48 hour film competition and it’s $150 to enter.

Silly, silly Jenni. If I hadn’t spent that money I could have had most of my beautiful boots. I could have out the money towards the dentist which I am going to on Friday. I could have saved it for the wedding!

I found new DVDs I want too. Curse you Real Groovy! Curse you and your range of awesome DVDS! What I need is for someone to pay like, $200 for my Daddy Cat. Or offer cash money for jeans quilts. *le sigh*. Money sucks.


This weekend I assembled the top of my first jeans quilt. It was fun and not as hard as I thought it might be. I finished it this afternoon.

It looks like this when Lee holds it up and peeks over it. I am very very pleased with how it looks and can’t wait til I get paid again so I can buy batting and backing and make it into a proper quilt. Still trying to decide what to back it with. I want something heavier than a sheet. Polar Fleece would be very warm so that’s tempting, but maybe something a bit waterproof so it’s a good picnic blanket?
I remember why I enjoy quilting so much 🙂

I’ve also done a bunch of scrapbooking pages which makes me feel happy and virtuous. It’s the sense of accomplishment that makes it virtuous I think.

Watched Tokyo Godfathers last night which I liked immensely. Although I think it’s a bit maudlin for me to want to watch over and over. Now, off to sit in front of the heater.

Is anyone else concerned about the ice age that’s hit Wellington? The thunder and lightning yesterday was way cool, and I loved the intense rainbow on Saturday afternoon but the cold I can’t handle. I need warm!

I fell in love

…with the coolest boots ever yesterday.

They are $200 and they live at dressmart. They are white and black leather with buckles on the sides and a plastic panel on the front. They have metal heels. They are like Star Wars Stormtrooper rebellious punk teenager boots. I wants them. I wants them very much.

The movie Robots is very good. I went in with fairly low hopes and I laughed and laughed and it was great and unexpectedly funny and actually, I think Robin Williams wasn’t needed. The movie was awesome enough without him. I loved the Wonderbot. It was like Grr off Invader Zim.

I have read the newest Jacqui Wilson book: Clean Break. It was very good, but weirdly self-referential. She has put a version of herself into the universe her characters inhabit and referred to a bunch of her earlier books as being written by this other self. They had slightly different names but the same plots. Weirdness.

Am now reading A Chinese Cinderella bu Adeline Yen Mah which is fantastic and sad. A real life horror story of a tragic childhood, with the same kind of grating unfairness displayed in A Little Princess. I know this story ends happily, but I kind of fear what will happen before then in the story.

Had a night out on Friday and a night out last night. Being social is a good thing. Great India is a lovely place to dine but rather expensive and I found the waiting staff a little too attentive. Probably it’s just that I’m not used to it, but it was a bit creepy. Hot minty towels at the end of the night were all good though. All restaurants should offer this hot minty towel service.

Still on slow play

I was late to work yesterday, that’s how in slow motion I am. I did all the same things I normally do before work and I was ten minutes late.

My cold is clinging on like a cliffhanger. I am prising off its fingers one at a time.

I have watched the first disc of Full Metal Alchemist now and I really like it. Edward Elric is somewhat dreamy. I *heart* this anime! I also *heart* the limited edition tin it came in. If only I had thought to buy cute little plastic figurines of the characters, wait Gamesman were selling them, maybe I can still buy them! I am Queen of the Consumer Whores!

Also watched the first two episodes of She: the Ultimate Weapon which I quite like but Lee finds slow. The animation style isn’t my favourite ever but it’s quite a moving story and exciting with the war and everything. This anime is about a guy whose girlfriend gets turned into a Weapon of Mass Destruction and how they deal with that.
Ewww the weather is icky!

I read Fruits Basket manga last night. *sighs with contentment.* The editions I have are different to the ones Evie lent me. They have a dustcover and a plain book cover underneath so I don’t need to duraseal them. Not sure if they’ll have all the extra profile stuff at the end, as have only opened the first one so far.
Ok, I’d better get to work.

Conversations with children

…I just ran a “space base” holiday program in which me and Celeste and a bunch of kids stuck things together to make rockets and stuff. It was cool fun and I learnt some important things:

  • Just because I have never seen Batman in the library before doesn’t mean he’s never been here. He was just sneaky and kept out of sight.
  • Batman will be in next week for the next space base session. Hopefully I will see him then.
  • A new code, which is surprisingly hard to decipher. It involves removing one line from each letter or number you use.
  • Most children will build a sleeping area on their space base and never even think of adding weapons.
  • When one kid put a cannon on his space base it was to shoot asteroids that might hit the ship.
  • Girls like building space things just as much as boys do, thank you very much.

Slow motion

I am in slow motion still. On Saturday night after we had people over for a roast chicken dinner I tried to get a nice long sleep so that I could feel better. (The cold was extremely runny-nosed and sneezy, even after a post-Yum Char nap and relaxation period.) Unfortunately my nose had other ideas and I had one of those terrible nights of watching the clock tick the time over while wishing I was asleep.

It’s a testament to how sick I was that I didn’t get angry about not sleeping, I just kept on blowing my nose and turning over and wishing to sleep. I must have been pretty close to sleeping much of the time because after 4ish hours of proper sleep I actually didn’t feel too bad. I spent Sunday morning in the animation room at Armageddon helping to run it, but really just watching anime. I saw: first three episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex which I found entertaining but inherently creepy and disturbing. I think I’ll watch the rest of the series but not re-watch it.

First two episodes of Mezzo: DSA which I really enjoyed. It’s about an organisation of well, kinda mercenaries. It’s silly and funny and the main chick is really cute and tough and right up my cosplay alley. Hee hee.

First two episodes of Twelve Kingdoms which seems really cool except for the incredibly annoying whiny main character. Maybe it’d be less annoying in Japanese with English subs?

Then I wandered around the expo in a kind of cold-sickness daze and met up with Matt, Debbie, Luke and Sam. They are nice people. Then I had to get changed into most of my costume and wait for Giffy so we could be judged for the cosplay.
On average the standard of costuming in the competition was very high. I was a little disappointed that so many people were wearing outfits made by just one or two people. Some of those people won prizes that I hope they passed on to their seamstresses! I’m glad the question “who made your costume” is in the registration form so no one is confused.

I was very impressed with a lot of the costumes. Especially the adorable Chii and the Father and Son Jedi combo. Giffy and I were dressed as Tomoyo and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura and we had a borrowed toddler dressed as Kero so we got the cuteness award. Well, we got into the top ten mostly on the cute vote I think. That and the hats I made for us and our attention to hair detail! We actually looked quite good which I was faintly surprised about because we left the costumes so late and spent very little time working on them.

Giffy and I have agreed not to cosplay school girls at Armageddon again. We’re too old and it’s getting obvious! I don’t mind cosplaying, but when practically all the rest of the entrants are teenagers it makes me feel much older.
In between the judging and the stage show for Cosplay I wandered around a bit more. Saw Muggle and her boy, Evie and Jarratt, Frank and numerous friendly cosplayers. Didn’t buy anything due to lack of cash money, which was probably all for the best. I did get a free beanie baby, though which I am unexpectedly really happy with. He’s a teal triceratops with a red neck frill. I love him. I need a name for him though….

Anyway, I was chuffed that we got in the cosplay top ten and now Giffy and I have a new DVD. We got Mezzo DSA because it was cool, and most of the really awesome ones had already been picked….Then it was a bit of posing for photos and then home. I was pretty wiped so I watched some Azumanga Daioh and the news in case the TV camera that filmed me was working for the news, and then I watched Two Weeks Notice and some more Azumanga and then I went to bed. Lee was home pretty late after network gaming so I had been trying to stay up for him but I gave up.
Thankfully my sleep on Sunday night was warm and deep and uninterrupted. I don’t feel entirely better today, as I am still in slow motion. My nose has eased up somewhat though and for that I am likewise thankful.

commerce in the morning

So I went in to Armageddon bright and early and I bought a bunch of stuff on Svend’s behalf and got NO FREE THINGS!

On the other hand I bought a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting for me and that makes me happy. I now have a complete set of Hellsing for example, plus the pretty box to put it in. I bought the boxed set of Habane Renmai for $50 and I also got the first four manga of Fruits Basket. They’re a different edition to the ones Evie has and I’m not sure I like them as much actually. I also got nearly the whole series of Azumanga Daioh. One more disc to go, which means the box is nearly full and I got another brooch!

I also bought the first disc of Full Metal Alchemist which came in a sexy tin and has a free cd soundtrack. Awesome.
So I have post consumer happiness. Now. On to Yum Char!