Another bitsy entry.

Lee and I cleaned the house last night. The house is now completely lovely. We also watched the new Lost ep, and can I just say “OMG OMG OMG!?”

Tried to watch God of Cookery but it was really very unpleasant. People humiliating themselves, no martial arts, no storyline after 20 minutes. We turned it off.

Had feedback burgers for dinner that took like, forever to arrive. They were nice when we finally got them.
I am reading tween age books so that I can reccommend them to the book club next week.

I have been cutting up old jeans to make into quilts. One pair was really nice. Indigo blue fairly new, Jeans West jeans and I thought “These are still good, I should give them to someone who can wear them”. Then I found a hole in the crotchular area and proceeded to cut them up. Lee was entranced watching me cut up pants but not so much that he wanted a go at it. He just watched me very closely.

I painted on some patches with my fabric paints. It will be several nice quilts I make I think. Jeans donations still accepted, by the way.