Anvil Chorus

I heard the Anvil Chorus this morning. It put me in a very good mood indeed, and made me want to watch and/or read Captain Correlli’s Mandolin again.

Weekend in brief: Saturday morning – Astra Bridal – found a dress that I love! $2350 too expensive, so going to look for dress patterns that are similar and make it myself. Chelle knows what she wants for a dress, my sister and Giffy still deciding.
Family lunch was lovely, especially the dessert parfaits. Who doesn’t love a parfait? etc.

Played the Pacman board game. Not as great a game as I recall. Still awesome to look at though.
Watched Super Size Me to educate sister and her partner. They went home and we watched Nausicaa: the Valley of the Wind which I liked. Is similar to Princess Mononoke. Cut up more jeans.

Sunday: Yum Char = delicious. Coconut buns remain teh awesome.
Shopping with Rachel for pretty jewellery cut short after Lee called me saying he’d lost his keys and they were most likely locked in the car. Didn’t buy anything, rushed home. No keys in car, Lee found them in his back jeans pocket. Much laughing was done.

Mooched around in the afternoon, played a game of Trivial Pursuits which Lee won (ironic.) I cut up more jeans while Rachel doodled on some patches with fabric paint. Sewed some together, then temporarily defeated by mismatched sizes of patches. I played Sims University and scrapbooked while Lee and Rachel watched Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
Rachel went home and we watched some eps of Wolf’s Rain seen the first four now, and like it a lot. Wish I could turn into a wolf.

Jonathan Creek at 8.30 was good, but easy to work out the mystery. Well, parts of it. Lee and I working together knew what was happening. Again the question is asked: Is the show getting a bit dumber, or are we getting smarter?
I prefer to think it’s the latter but Lee says the former because they’re trying to appeal to the American market (see: replacing Caroline Quentin with prettier Julia Swalhala. Essentially the same character.)

Then I watched some Billy Connelly and read some Animal Farm and then sleep.