cold sunshine

My hair is getting too long. I can tell because it’s too heavy to have in a high ponytail. It gave me a headache the other day and today I had to move it down to the back of my neck.

I learned something from my sanitary pad again. This time they said that in a study of over 200 ostriches not once did one ever bury its head in the sand. I always thought it seemed unlikely that an animal would suffocate itself, now I know I was right.

Actually, Bowling for Columbine isn’t really a *nice* movie. I should have got Lee to buy me another romcom. I don’t think I can bear to watch the middle part again. (The middle part shows all the statistics of people killed by American forces, and the plane hitting the two towers. Then it segues into the actual footage from the Columbine shooting.)

Also (somewhat predictably) the commentary with interns, secretary and receptionist wasn’t that interesting. Kudos for trying, but maybe getting some interns that had some kind of clue what people want to hear in a commentary would be good. Reciting along with Charlton Heston “My cold dead hands” is not good.

I finished Animal Farm and am now onto 1984. It’s very creepy how close this is getting to real life (or what I perceive the real life in America is becoming). These books are spooky spooky and quite frightening.

Oh and Lee got his new frivolous computer monitor. It is Ridiculously huge, flat and merciliess. It’s so big, a whale could swim in it. That’s why I got a new DVD because if he’s allowed things which don’t contribute to the wedding, so am I. I also get a new winter top because he spent so much on the monitor.