I’m really bored at the moment.

I wish I could stay at home forever and ever and read books and eat chocolate and play Sims 2 University.

Exciting news?
– Changeling last night was promising. I insisted on playing next week because I want to get into the story and the teaser we played made me more anxious than anything. I like my character though, and the way she interacts with the others.
– I got a %90 score on Lost trivia. Go Team Me!
– We have somewhere to stay in Rarotonga, this will make it much easier to sleep! It was looking a bit like we’d all be sharing the rental car.
– I booked in a dentist appointment for next Tuesday. It’ll be the first time I’ve seen a dentist since I was 18 and it was free. I suspect major fillings/wisdom tooth extractions will occur. Wish me luck on Tuesday.
1984 remains a disturbing read. It all hits just a little too close to home.
– My workmate Lydia has started her own livejournal. It chronicles how she’s dealing with only just discovering that her brain doesn’t process what she sees properly. You should read it. It’s pretty amazing.