entry 500!

For my 500th entry on my beloved talula I will be performing tricks with hoops and little dogs that jump through them. Then we’ll all sit down and watch Tony Jaa do amazing Muay Thai feats of physical prowess.

Afterwards there’ll be punch and pie. Or cake and candy. Or carrot sticks and fruit juice.

I didn’t get an interview *again* for That Job so I suspect my dogged determination doesn’t impress them. This leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth and a desire to move on. The question is: Where to?

Ultimately I want to start a craft based business with Muggle and Evie. Maybe it’s be a shop or a cafe that sells things we’ve made. Evie would work from her home. What we need here is a backer. (Movie quote! “What’s a backer?” “Someone with money, who’s stupid.”) How dangerous would it be to start something like that? How much money could we lose?
In other news: I spent the weekend visiting people. Evie and Jarratt’s house is very nice, all surrounded by evil bush and painted a gorgeous reddy colour in the lounge.

Svend invited Lee and me over to watch some Ghibli. We started with Pon Poko which Matt and Debz had told me a little about beforehand, so I wasn’t too shocked by the male Tanuki’s expanding balls. It was disquieting all the same. I found it as a movie to be a bit depressing. I guess a movie about animals whose home forest is being destroyed so humans can build houses is never really going to sort out all nicely, but I can hope.

We watched Kiki’s delivery service after that. I suspect the English version to have a poor script, so we switched back to Japanese.

On Sunday we visited my parents and Giffy and Margie and Sass’s house warming. I was very sleepy yesterday.
Oh and I bought myself the wedding necklace I’ve been drooling about for weeks. It’s a blue wire crochet choker with coloured pearls and beads on it. It’s completely lovely and I love it and can’t wear it yet.