My gums are sore

The dentist visit was fine. I have to go back for four fillings (two on each side of the mouth) and a visit with the dental hygienist BUT at least my wisdom teeth aren’t a problem.

My gums are very sore now because of the prodding and the new flossing technique the dentist taught me. Things I learned today include: Keep flossing when your gums bleed. In fact floss more there, because that’ll get rid of the bacteria and in a couple of weeks the bleeding will stop.

He also told me to stop eating cakes and sweets. Like that’ll happen. I bought myself a mini fruit tart from the petit Bordeaux bakery to console myself after the gum-prodding so you can see how seriously I take this stuff. At lease I hardly drink soft drinks anymore. (Note to self, stopping drinking soft drinks all together is better than mostly stopping.)

Who else felt the earthquake last night? Mostly it went BOOM! and then our building did the old earthquake-sway that I am so fond of. Lee didn’t believe me for a while that it was an earthquake, he thought something had dropped. The BOOM! was big so I don’t know what he thought had dropped? A train off the top of the building perhaps?

Tried to watch the Hunting of the President last night, but it was a pretty poor documentary. Very sensationalist and one-sided. Like watching American TV! So we watched Star Wars episode 2 and verily it was crappy but fun to make snide comments about. I *heart* Yoda.

Which reminds me that I never blogged about Friday, and I should. Ok, pretend it’s Friday again.
I came home and Lee was doing the dishes. Joy!
Then Rachel made us dinner. PlusJoy!
…and dessert! DoublePlusJoy!

Then we watched I *heart* Huckabees which I didn’t love as much as Rachel does, but I did enjoy. The mind-fuck wasn’t what I expected it to be, but the film itself is hilarious and wonderful and Jude Law is a cutie and yeah. I liked it.
I love when people come over to my house and then cook me things. It’s neat. Especially when they are desserts. (No! Scream Jenni’s gums and teeth.)