Where’s your ‘ead at?

I thought that song went “way! Tomb Raider” for the longest time. I was singing along to it when Lee pointed out my error.
I finished 1984 last night…joy! Freedom! Mind-fuck! It was good, but unpleasant. It was nasty and depressing and ended without hope. I liked it, but I don’t know about reading it again. Maybe one day. It is very clever and I like Newspeak a lot.

Last night I made wings for a baby Kero. I did no other sewing because I am a lazy lazy person. I found out this morning that I have a cold so it may have been something to do with coming down with it that made me so very tired yesterday. Or I could just be very lazy indeed.

I am working at not clenching my teeth. I do it more than I had realised and it is a Very Bad Habit Indeed. No more clenching, allow your jaw to relax.

It had become very cold. The weather freezes me. I know that it is very cold because I wore long sleeved top to bed last night with my flannel pj pants and I didn’t get too hot. Lee and I were fighting over the duvet as well. Might have to bring in another duvet so we have one each. Mmmmm bliss.