commerce in the morning

So I went in to Armageddon bright and early and I bought a bunch of stuff on Svend’s behalf and got NO FREE THINGS!

On the other hand I bought a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting for me and that makes me happy. I now have a complete set of Hellsing for example, plus the pretty box to put it in. I bought the boxed set of Habane Renmai for $50 and I also got the first four manga of Fruits Basket. They’re a different edition to the ones Evie has and I’m not sure I like them as much actually. I also got nearly the whole series of Azumanga Daioh. One more disc to go, which means the box is nearly full and I got another brooch!

I also bought the first disc of Full Metal Alchemist which came in a sexy tin and has a free cd soundtrack. Awesome.
So I have post consumer happiness. Now. On to Yum Char!