Conversations with children

…I just ran a “space base” holiday program in which me and Celeste and a bunch of kids stuck things together to make rockets and stuff. It was cool fun and I learnt some important things:

  • Just because I have never seen Batman in the library before doesn’t mean he’s never been here. He was just sneaky and kept out of sight.
  • Batman will be in next week for the next space base session. Hopefully I will see him then.
  • A new code, which is surprisingly hard to decipher. It involves removing one line from each letter or number you use.
  • Most children will build a sleeping area on their space base and never even think of adding weapons.
  • When one kid put a cannon on his space base it was to shoot asteroids that might hit the ship.
  • Girls like building space things just as much as boys do, thank you very much.