Still on slow play

I was late to work yesterday, that’s how in slow motion I am. I did all the same things I normally do before work and I was ten minutes late.

My cold is clinging on like a cliffhanger. I am prising off its fingers one at a time.

I have watched the first disc of Full Metal Alchemist now and I really like it. Edward Elric is somewhat dreamy. I *heart* this anime! I also *heart* the limited edition tin it came in. If only I had thought to buy cute little plastic figurines of the characters, wait Gamesman were selling them, maybe I can still buy them! I am Queen of the Consumer Whores!

Also watched the first two episodes of She: the Ultimate Weapon which I quite like but Lee finds slow. The animation style isn’t my favourite ever but it’s quite a moving story and exciting with the war and everything. This anime is about a guy whose girlfriend gets turned into a Weapon of Mass Destruction and how they deal with that.
Ewww the weather is icky!

I read Fruits Basket manga last night. *sighs with contentment.* The editions I have are different to the ones Evie lent me. They have a dustcover and a plain book cover underneath so I don’t need to duraseal them. Not sure if they’ll have all the extra profile stuff at the end, as have only opened the first one so far.
Ok, I’d better get to work.