I fell in love

…with the coolest boots ever yesterday.

They are $200 and they live at dressmart. They are white and black leather with buckles on the sides and a plastic panel on the front. They have metal heels. They are like Star Wars Stormtrooper rebellious punk teenager boots. I wants them. I wants them very much.

The movie Robots is very good. I went in with fairly low hopes and I laughed and laughed and it was great and unexpectedly funny and actually, I think Robin Williams wasn’t needed. The movie was awesome enough without him. I loved the Wonderbot. It was like Grr off Invader Zim.

I have read the newest Jacqui Wilson book: Clean Break. It was very good, but weirdly self-referential. She has put a version of herself into the universe her characters inhabit and referred to a bunch of her earlier books as being written by this other self. They had slightly different names but the same plots. Weirdness.

Am now reading A Chinese Cinderella bu Adeline Yen Mah which is fantastic and sad. A real life horror story of a tragic childhood, with the same kind of grating unfairness displayed in A Little Princess. I know this story ends happily, but I kind of fear what will happen before then in the story.

Had a night out on Friday and a night out last night. Being social is a good thing. Great India is a lovely place to dine but rather expensive and I found the waiting staff a little too attentive. Probably it’s just that I’m not used to it, but it was a bit creepy. Hot minty towels at the end of the night were all good though. All restaurants should offer this hot minty towel service.