…is what I am. There is no way I am going to save any money for the wedding ever. Especially since I just registered for the 48 hour film competition and it’s $150 to enter.

Silly, silly Jenni. If I hadn’t spent that money I could have had most of my beautiful boots. I could have out the money towards the dentist which I am going to on Friday. I could have saved it for the wedding!

I found new DVDs I want too. Curse you Real Groovy! Curse you and your range of awesome DVDS! What I need is for someone to pay like, $200 for my Daddy Cat. Or offer cash money for jeans quilts. *le sigh*. Money sucks.


2 thoughts on “Stupid

  1. Mmmm, the 48hr film competition you say. Generally you can split that fee among some of the people that are doing it, as it is only $150 per entry which is usually a team.
    Who is helping you make this film? Have you got a team yet?
    I think if you do get at least five others to pitch in $25 then you won’t feel as stupid, which you shouldn’t. The competition is fun, if just a little insane. I recommend taking the Monday after off work as you probably won’t want to leave your bed.

  2. Presumably you’ve got some idea of a rough total so you know about how much you need to save per week? That might lead to less spending and so less regretting-after-the-fact :). Cos weddings really do take a lot out of both people – you can always take the approach J&Chelle have toward their holiday, to save like crazy for a period and get most of it before time so you can relax a bit closer to the deadline. When you will be stressed anyway, and will probably have last-minute-expenses pop up.
    Having said that, I think Jarratt’s suggestion about teams and the splitting of costs between is perfectly sensible, particularly given that it sounds like doing one of these films by oneself is elaborate suicide.
    And it’s not like most DVDs are limited release that they start taking *out* of shops if you don’t buy them once you find them :). They’ll still be there when you’ve paid the photographer…
    [sounding far too parental here. Have you got your warm coat on? Finish your plate, there are starving children in south Auckland who would be perfectly happy with that.]

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