Less stupid

It’s amazing how people giving you money can make you feel better 🙂

Right, excited about the 48 hour film comp. I wonder if we’ll even get accepted to enter? Huh, if we don’t I guess we can just have a party or something instead that weekend.

We played Changeling last night, and it was good, if a bit scatty. Actually it seems like maybe we were all in slightly bad moods, since the game of Apples to Apples we played waiting for Seraph to turn up turned quite mean. It was pretty fun though….

Seraph came and met me for lunch today, that was nice. Last week Giffy and Phreq came and had lunch with me and that was nice too. More people should meet me for lunch!

Woke up at 2.30am because my leg was aching. The reason it was aching was that I was too cold! An extra blanket took care of that rather quickly. I have learned my lesson. Last night was the first night since the Ice Age hit that I haven’t had the heater on in the bedroom. No more. Tonight it goes on again and my legs will not ache.