After the dentist visit…(Posted to Lj)

Man, I really hate dentists. Well, no. I hate the things that dentists do to me. In defense of my dentist, I felt hardly anything when he gave me the injection. He is actually a really good dentist, it’s just that it’s been so long since I went that my teeth are basically cores of decay with a brittle but hard outer coating. Niiiiiice.
This means that he had to put ozone on my teeth to stop the decay so I wouldn’t need a root canal. I’m all for that, even if it does cost another $90. EEEK! So, he was saying while he was doing it that my teeth were much worse than he thought and the fillings were hard to do, etc.
He had me shove my lower jaw out to the right while he drilled, and I had to hold it there so long that my entire jaw seized up and I couldn’t close it. I didn’t panic because I knew it was his fault and that he’d fix it for me. It’s weird not being able to shut your mouth. Really weird. Obviously he did fix it and I feel fine now, numbness fading slowly from the injection.
At the end he told me he thought I was really brave. That made me feel both good and like I was about five years old. Not going again til the end of May. That’ll teach him.


Five kinds of happy

1. In bed with the warm covers and it’s dark and it’s time to sleep and there’s spooning. Bliss.
2. Well fed.
3. Time off work to do whatever you want, like go to movies or mooch around the house doing nothing.
4. Craft project completed!
5. Giving people presents and seeing real joy in receiving. Knowing you picked the right thing.