Sleep of the vengeful

and when I say vengeful I mean sleepy. Last night I slept the sleep of the sleepy.
I wish I were still asleep, but alas. No.

I have now finished Queen Bees and Wannabes and photocopied a couple of pages from it for roleplaying game writing reference goodness. I’m thinking a kind of Mean Girls inspired game with all the stuff I learned in the book as plot points and quirks of characters. Should be fun…I might even structure it around the Jane Austen game I wrote but the point will be to have fulfilling relationships with everyone else despite everyone’s flaws, etc.

It is sunny today. Glory, glory. I will sit outside at lunchtime and soak up the precious Vitamin D…preciousssss….
Things I have observed: They no longer make my favourite flavour of yoghurt( Fresh and Fruity Black Cherry and Vanilla).
The supermarkets I’ve gone to are sold out of Dream chocolate with strawberry filling….damn them! I need my fix!
My favourite place to sit is in front of the heater.

My sneakers do not keep the wet out. They let it on onto the tops of my toes.
New World Thorndon sells to-the-knee Rio stripey socks for $1.50.

48 hour finals

The Wellington finals of the 48 hour film competition went much later than I’d thought they would. They started at 9, which was late anyway, then it had two breaks in it that could have been shorter. This is only a problem because it was Sunday night. On a Saturday it would have been fine.

The winner was Chip and Manny, a buddy film from out heat. It also won best use of “Please don’t do that” and banana prop. I was pretty happy for them because I like the movie but the guy (director?) who stood up after they’d won the thing acted like a complete ass and then I was angry. He seemed unimpressed that they’d won and then during his thanking he said “the music was relaly good too, but you probably didn’t hear it because you were all laughing like shitheads.”
Real nice. The producer seemed nice though…

I was hoping for Rangimoana’s Magical Mystery or Forbidden Fruit to win. Magical Mystery came second so that’s great but Forbidden Fruit didn’t get any recoginition despite getting the genre of mockumentary exactly right. (It was a 60 minutes style investigation into the growing B problem. B being a drug made from banana skins.) It was fantastic and some of the dialogue was hilarious. They even had a helicopter shot!

The kids with the pretentious art film got audience choice from our heat so their film was shown even though they weren’t in the finals. It was great to see it again! I laughed just as hard, and nearly cried.

Other films I enjoyed were the splatter film Virgin Territory which was spot on and just fantastic. Great use of the red scarf, which started out white but after the herione writhed around in blood it was red. Genius.

Besy Lee the bogan musical was great to see again, and they won best original music which made me happy. There was a horror film called the Pool which starred Cliff Curtis and Danielle Cormack which was beautifully shot but made no sense and a very good Disney Family Movie which unfortunately had no story. They basically made the start of a family movie, but it was fun and silly and had a great song and dance number and some very impressive film tricks; the main conceit being a gun that made copies of things being turned on the friendly mad scientist who invented it.
It was a nice wee collection of films and I’m glad I saw them. I just wish I could’ve slept in today.


I went to the dentist again yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as last time but there was drilling invloved, so you can’t say it was good. Again the decay went way deeper than he thought and he rather dramatically said “we got there just in time” I love my dentist. He thinks he’s an action hero.

He ended up doing 4 fillings instead of 2 but only charged me for 2 and a bit. Lovely dentist. Good dentist. My teeth were a bit achey last night but it seems to have passed. He didn’t use as much anasthetic as last time so I wasn’t as uncomfortably numb all afternoon like last time too. Now I just have to visit the dental hygienist (whom I work with at the library on Tuesdays) and I’m done for 6 months. I might low off the next appointment in 6 months on grounds of wedding anyway, we’ll see.

I watched the last double episode of Lost last night. That’s all I’m going to say otherwise there’d be spoilers. Oh, I will say that I love Sawyer. That’s all.

Tomorrow I’m going visiting and today I’m being visited. Im gonna have a great weekend I think.
This morning I dreamed a different version of 48 hour weekend in which the LARP was slightly different and the group scene we filmed afterwards was a party on the road out the front of Wadestown library. I dreamed about Norm. Hi Norm!

road trip dream, maui

This morning I dreamed that Lee and I and two others (maybe Rachel and Evie?) were going on a road trip up North to my aunt’s place. We left today and I realised it was foolish of me to schedule a dentist appointment on Friday since I’d be up North. Interesting way to get out of seeing the dentist.

Giffy took me to the Maui stageshow on Tuesday and it was really really good. I reccommend it to people who like Cirque du Soliel, people who like plays and everyone else who appreciates dance and song. It’s gorgeous to look at and the performances are amazing. Wish I knew Maori since then I’d understand all the dialogue. As it was I knew “My name is…” and “Yes” “Very good” “small” and “Rua Roto…Rotorua!” Thankfully the humour was mostly visual!
Loved it.

Queen Bees and Wannabes remains amazing. I had some flashbacks to prmiary school while reading it last night but more and more I think it applies to my life now. Less the case studies of girls being exclusive but the behaviours learnt and the reasons for thing. One example ties into body image: Girls want to dress sexy to attract the attention of boys, but not too sexy because she doesn’t want her girlfriends to be jealous of the attention she’s getting and call her a slut.
This book is explaining things that happened in High school and clarifying my relationships now. I adore it and want everyone I know to read it.

Chick Flick Theory 103

I finished watching Miss Congeniality last night which lead me to think about the genre of “Ugly Duckling” pictures and their relation to chick flicks.

Ugly Duckling stories feature a socially inept/poorly presented or otherwise physically disadvantaged main character. This character undergoes a transformation over the course of the movie and learns a lesson.

In Miss Congeniality Sandra Bullock starts out as a mannish FBI agent. So mannish that she wears sensible shoes and doesn’t wear any makeup. She wrestles with a male co worker and there is no sexual innuendo because they all think of her as a male. As you are probably aware she is assigned the task of going undercover at a beauty pageant. In this arena she makes friends with women, learns to care about the way she looks and ends up dating the aforementioned co worker.

Why do I have a problem with this story? Hard to pinpoint. I am the first to admit that having valuable friendships with other women is important so it’s not that. They go out of their way to show that the competitors in the pageant are smart (the winner is studying physics in University) so it’s not a dumb model stereotype. Maybe it’s the whole “conform to the accepted beauty ideal and your life will be better” message.

At the start she may be wearing a man’s suit with food down the front but it’s still Sandra Bullock, right? She’s still gorgeous. In the course of the transformation she wears her hair out more (long straight hair = more beautiful)*, wears the required evening gowns and swimwear for the pageant (dressing feminine is important), learns about makeup (although not till right at the very end, as mostly it’s done for her). She becomes more coordinated at dancing and giving the correct beauty queen answers to questions. True she retains her basic core values, but she is presenting them in a different way.

In the end she is rewarded by attaining a boyfriend which gives us the message that if we conform to the ideal American stereotype of a beautiful woman (epitomized in Miss United States) we too can land a man!

…BTW I really liked this movie. I just believe it’s important to name things you are uncomfortable with and make them visible. Then they lose their power over you.

*Long straight hair means beauty is something I learned from Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman. It’s the book Mean Girls was based on and is very very good.

Heart rending and heart healing

The screening of our film on Friday night was pretty awful. The film looked great but something had happened to the audio and we lost huge pieces of dialogue. Thankfully a lot of the jokes are visual ones so the audience still laughed and we got a huge clap at the end (maybe because we were screened first or maybe because our visuals were still fabulous.)

Hix assures me that this is par for the course for a first screening, which makes me feel a bit better but for the most part I am sad that our little film didn’t get the best possible screening. C’est La Vie I guess, and we’ll do better next year.
We went to Istana Malaysia for dinner after and I had lovely comforting lamb Dhallcha. How I adore it. Bonded even more with my fantastic movie crew and generally had a great time.

It was great to see the other films in our heat too. I was particularly impressed with the Pretentious Art Film that teenage boys made and the bogan musical. They were all good in different ways but those two really stood out for me.
On Saturday I had a lovely day relaxing and crafting with Rachel. Ah the tea and the gossip and the awesomeness. Giffy and Evie came by too and then it was a bit louder and less intimate but still wonderful. I am about 2/3’s to 3/4’s of the way through quilting my quilt now. I sewed a triceratops on it on Saturday and a comet yesterday.

Saturday night was roast dinner with friends followed by the best apple crumble in the world. I was stuffed full but I wanted more!

On Sunday we saw Star Wars and it was indeed good. I was in a particularly critical frame of mind though, so I maybe didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. Regent cinemas were packed out with maybe 16 people in the theatre.
Then there was Lyall Bay Warehouse joy and dropping in on Rachel to return keys and getting home to rearrange our DVDs onto the new rack from Lyall Bay Warehouse. I have ordered the DVDs by genre.*

Then Svend and Celeste came over and we watched the Twins Effect which I liked very much even if I was suffering from Intense Movie Battle overdose. The leads were all so cute! I am in love with another Vampire Prince.
Where do my weekends go?

*Non-Fiction, Black Comedy, Movies Only Jenni Likes to Watch, Romantic Comedy and Teen Movies being just some of the groupings.

Inability (emo kid entry)

Oh dear. I found out last night that I can’t take criticism. Even criticism that is from friends who want to help….even when it’s framed so it isn’t my fault….

I am mortified with myself. I felt myself beginning to tear up and knew I shouldn’t cry so I just went real quiet. Why can’t I take advice and use it and not have it affect me personally? Maybe I’m just not used to it. On the other hand it could be that I immediately accept any criticism and then feel really bad about letting people down.

Yes, I think that’s it. If I feel I’ve not done as well as I could have I feel very guilty and that makes me very sad.
Jeeze, I need to grow up or something. Hee. I need to go on Dr Phil.

On the other side of the emotional spectrum I am very excited about our screening tonight and keen to see how the audience reacts to it. Almost all the people at the premiere on Sunday already knew the story and had been there for the shooting. If not, then they knew people in the movie and had access that way. I am wondering how it will affect people seeing it cold.

…and like hix (Or was it Lee?) pointed out: will anyone be moved to tears in the absence of sleep deprivation?
Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and then spending the day in craft-creating bliss.