Week-old weekend

My weekend disappeared in a puff of Carnivale.

Got some good things to worry about this week:

48 hour film competition – Will it work out OK? Will I become alienated from my friends who have offered to help out? Will the stress-bunnies eat me? Does everyone realise how much sleep I need?

Money – The same old song…but with a different meaning since I’m supposed to be saving for the WEDDING. How can I save money when I bought DVDs and scrapbooking materials and am commited to going to a bunch of shows and a whole heap of interesting movies are coming out?

Plus misc. work stuff, life stuff and trying to get myself to stop clenching my teeth.
Let me draw your attentions to some new links I added…dog blog is my old favourite, although he updates pretty sporadically and the Daily Kitten. Daily kitten is full of kawaii kitty porn* for your drooling pleasure.
Maybe I’ll spend some time on paper doll heaven too…that’ll calm me down.

*Gratuitous shots of adorable kitties.