48 hours recap part 2

Right. I was up to Norman’s house. Norman has a lovely house and on arriving in the lounge I walked straight over to the low squab/couch substitute that was free and lay down on it. That felt very good.

Oh yeah, on the way over to Norman’s time started dilating out for me…the time spent in the car between the Gardens and the petrol station and Norman’s house felt like two hours. It was more likely twenty minutes. Matt and Debz drove to Rongotai.
I spent most of the next couple of hours sitting still and listening to music. At about 4pm Norman called us down to help cut the “Imagination duel” together. After we’d done that we watched a very rough run through of the short movie. I think Steve and I were both very happy with even this very rudimentary version of the film as the jokes were still funny the visuals were stunning and the whole story came together nicely. My emotional journey happened in the next two hours of editing.

I started out sitting back and watching Norm work and Steve talk in film jargon about I don’t know what. I was relaxed and cold, but enjoying being in on the process. As we got down to cutting out what we could for time I found myself having more input…making sure Steve didn’t cut out the truly touching moments in the montage and the flashback for example. I felt good as I gave my input and had it accepted by the others. There I was, this total amateur having my opinions valued by journeymen. Bliss! Importance!

The imagination training montage was very long so cutting that down took quite a long time. I am very happy with what he had in the end. Even the music with lyrics that we hadn’t intended to use!

As time ticked on I began to get quite anxious. I had my eye on the clock in the bottom right corner of Norm’s screen but editing takes a lot of time. Steve and I were a kind of tag team rushing off nervously to the bathroom. Norm worked hard and well. I had known that we were pushing for time but I hadn’t realised just how much! 6pm came and we had to do the credits, the opening screen with team name, etc and put on the two pieces of music we all felt were most vital: the montage music and the duel music.

What we should have done is made a rough cut copy earlier on, so that even if we couldn’t get the perfect copy in (which we didn’t) we’d have something in on time. On the other hand I can’t think when we would have done that since it took that much time to get it the right length and with all the stuff it had to have.

When 6.30 came and we were having to arse around with the Loop logo my stomach was clenched tight but sinking. The film was uploaded into the camera at 6.45, with a running time of close to 7 minutes…Luke was in the car at the top of the driveway. It was running. Lee was in the car ready to take the camera as soon as the movie was in it. Norman was poised to snatch up the camera and run it out to the car. All Steve and I could do is stand around and jitter. I knew when it was 6.53pm and the tape left the area that we wouldn’t get it in by 7 but I still had a hope.

After the tape was gone Steve, Norman and I had some hugs and some near-tears. We all said how much fun we’d have and that we’d do it again. I had blissful happy feelings but also an incredible amount of tension.

After collecting my things from the lounge Regan, Steve and I got into my car and headed to my place. I was so out of it I took this really bizarre long route home. We were talking about the film and how happy we were and how we had to keep it upbeat regardless of deadlines missed.

When we got back to my place we saw Luke and Sam and Lee and learned the news about being 2.41 minutes late. It didn’t matter at all. Over the next 40 minutes or so everyone turned up who had helped us out over the weekend for the screening of our movie. The only absences were Giffy’s Beau and the children we’d used as extras. The film played eventually (probably at about 8.10?) and we all laughed our asses off.

There was a lot of unintentional humour there too, for example it was filmed with the intention of being converted to widescreen so the boom got a much bigger role in one scene than it should have. Also Giffy and Margie were in the background of the Bodil De Rezney hero shot!

On the other hand the story rang true and there were lots of touched “Awwwww” moments so I think the film is a complete success. I am looking forward to going back and adding sound fx and extra scenes. Slowing down the credits so you can actually see my name, etc etc.

When it finished screening the first time I very nearly cried. I held myself together at the time but now I’m thinking I should have just gone for it as I had a lot of tension still in me that made it nearly impossible to get to sleep Sunday night. We watched it twice through while eating lovely big banana splits and the general sense of camaraderie was lovely.

As I said I had a terrible night’s sleep on Sunday which makes it extra awesome that I booked leave for Monday. I spent most of the night going over all the things we could have done differently to make it in earlier. Then I had a nightmare about a haunted demonic circus and the building’s fire alarm went off at 5am. Lee decided at this point to stay home as well.
I spent yesterday recovering. I watched Dr Phil and Mr Holland’s Opus then had a two hour nap on the couch. We went food shopping, came home and watched Cirque De Soliel’s Varekai on DVD which was completely awesome.
I had a very good sleep last night and am feeling mostly normal now.
(Apologies for all the typos I know must be in here.)