This was touched on in the book (chick-lit wedding voyeurism) that I’m reading, but is something I was pondering anyway.
How much is my sense of identity tied to my name? If I change my last name to Lee’s am I giving up a part of me? Becoming a bit of him?

I’ve always felt my first name doesn’t really describe me. Not a lot of Western names describe the person but I guess I’ve just never really felt like Jenni is adequate. Sometimes I’ll hear my name and think “Oh yeah, weird. That’s me.”
If I changed my entire name would I still be the same person? Would I feel the same?

Keeping my own last name is a kind of feminist matter of pride. I don’t hate my last name and I don’t desperately want to get rid of it. By the same token I don’t need to worry about keeping my name to pass it to the next generation because my brother’s got that covered.

If I did change my name to Lee’s I’d have the initials JD. Would anyone call me JD?

Tuesday 28 June

I’ve been happier updating on livejournal for some reason.
It’s too too cold, Jenni’s feet are cold.

On the plus side, I only have to get through one-and-a-bit more weeks of work before my two week holiday. I call it “Jenni’s adventure in Rarotonga with a little film festival at the end.”

On the plus side I have a lovely new hat which I love to pieces. I have been wearing it so much Lee is concerned I’ll never stop wearing it 🙂

Soon I shall also have a butterfly adorned scarf and long stripey fingerless gloves and legwarmers. (Note to self, measure legs)
I had a nice weekend with much relaxing and I even watched the rugby! I also made a lot of fun of the rugby but I also got a bit excited at the end there.

I am powering through the hand quilting of Rachel’s quilt, I think it has something to do with the promise of knitted goodies.
I am reading Chick-lit. It’s called “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?” and is about a woman who agrees to be a magzine’s featured bride. This means she has to accept all the things they choose for her, such as brown rubber bridesmaid dresses. It’s not terribly well written but I’m enjoying the wedding-planning-horror voyeurism.

I read the latest Alice book. Called “Alice on her Way” it was very very good and I love it to bits. Celeste has it now so we can compare notes soon.


Happy Midwinter everyone!

I am celebrating the shortest day in the following ways:

  • wearing my “100 year winter” Narnia Weta tshirt
  • wearing my snuggly white polar bear hoodie
  • wearing a skirt and my kick-ass black boots
  • sneezing constantly

what are you doing to celebrate?
Last night we watched two more episodes from the second season of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is much more demonstrative since he came back from the dead and Lee and I are both disconcerted by it. He’s all shouty and gesturey and skips and dances. Very odd. I don’t mind the new Watson, although I’m sure they change LeStrade episode to episode. Lee says it’s the same actor all the time but I never recognise him. It’s just lucky they say his name all the time.
favourite quote from last night?

Sherlock: “Women are your department Watson.”
I think my Sherlock/Watson fanfic has gone out the window. Holmes is asexual. It’s fun to invent lover’s tiffs for them though….
Finished Piratica. ’twas very silly but enjoyable and last night I dreamed I was the title character. I had a crew of pirates and I was babysitting a toddler in an art gallery. Of course.

Good weekend

My weekend started well with Batman Begins, which I adore.

Things I liked: It’s so much more canon than any of the other movies, the guy playing Scarecrow was really attractive to me, Katie Holmes did well in her first Leading Lady A-List role, Batman had a “Batman Voice”, Liam Neeson is teh r0xx0rs, hilariously funny script, Gotham looked fantastic, Michael Caine strikes the right balance between Butler and Father-figure, Morgan Freeman is great as Lucius Fox, how Batman assembled his weaponry/suit/car made sense.

Things I didn’t like: Errrrr…at one point Christian Bale looked really orange.

On Saturday I slept in a long long time. Mmmm yummy sleep. Read the film festival guide, wept silently to myself over my inability to see everything I want to. Visited Janjo’s flat briefly, then on to Karori Sanctuary quiz night which I didn’t enjoy very much. Me and my workmates got so bored in the second half (as all the questions were beyond our realms of knowledge) that we staged a gang-war between a juice box, a ginger beer bottle and a much larger L&P bottle. It was hilarious. Then I made an invisible sheep so that C could kill it with a toy gun. It’s pretty terrible that these were the highlights of the night…

Sunday not so much sleeping in, but off to Yum Char with work mates which was filling to say the least. Then I bought ballet tickets and Lee went to audition for the G & S that Giffy, Sok and Janjo are involved in. He’s got the chance at a main part if he can master the very high solo. He’s not sure, he says he can sing it but it might not sound pretty…hopefully he’s going to see his mum tonight and work on it.

Rachel, Sass, Chelle and Jase came over for the afternoon and there was mucho crafting. I get a lot more done when people come over. yesterday I assembled a border for Rachel’s quilt, attached it to the quilt, safety pinned top to backing and began hand quilting. Whew!
I also managed to do a load of laundry, make a chocolate cherry torte and do the dishes. Oh the cleverness of me!

filled roles

So, most of the time I’m either the Banker or the Queen Bee.

If Giffy’s around she’s usually the Queen Bee (in my mind anyway :p) but with other groups of people I think it’s me. Not sure about that. The Queen Bee is the leader and the one other people want to be like. She is held up to high expectations and often fulfills them at a loss of personal identity. I’m not sure I’m the girl everyone wants to be like, but I do think of myself as a leader.

I think the role I mostly fill is that of Banker. The Banker is the Lacey Chabert character in Mean Girls, (although she’s also a Pleaser)…she knows everything about everyone. My hair isn’t as big because I don’t know everyone’s secrets but I do love to gossip.

I dislike mean gossip so mostly my gossip is of the information sharing kind. Of course I do the mean gossip thing sometimes, I mean who doesn’t? But my favourite kind of goss is when you learn things about people and you share what you’ve learnt.
Reference: Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman.

Quilting advice column

Chelle asked me some jeans quilt questions on her blog and instead of doing a novel length comment I thought I’d transfer it here and make my blog into a sort of craft-based advice column, if even for one day.

1. How many pairs of jeans did you use?

Hard to say how many pairs of jeans were used as I went crazy cutting up lots and then put a quilt together and there was a bunch left over. Rough estimate? 5 for the patches and one for borders and dividers.
It all depends though: how big do you want the quilt to be?
What size jeans are you cutting up? (Size 16 yield much more denim than 10!) How close to the seams you cut also makes a huge difference, and can I just suggest you get some really good sharp scissors before you start, because lacking scissors gave me a massive callous.

2. What kind of thread do you use – special quilting or ordinary cotton?

I used ordinary cotton for sewing the patches but quilting thread for the quilting. Oh and embroidery thread. Some of the seams I did twice though since the machine was a bit leery of mutliple layers of denim.

3. What size is the animal polar fleece you bought from spotlight the other day?

It’s 115cm wide which should be plenty wide unless you’re making it Queen Bed sized. I used about 1 2/3 metres for my finished quilt, that’s including the binding round the edges.

Hmm sure there were more questions in my head. Oh well will let you know if I have anymore

I will wait with baited breath.
If anyone else has craft based questions for me, please comment and I will do my best to answer them 🙂

Carnivale love

Watched the first two episodes of season 2 of Carnivale last night. Can I just say “Wow!”? I mean, I love the first series but BAM! Second series starts and BAM! mysteries answered, characters developed, amazing shiznit in the hizzle.
I’ve been saying shiznit inside my head for a while now. How do you like it?

I’m reading Piratica by Tanith Lee which is an Over The Top pirate novel about a parallel history with a sassy spunk of a lead chick. The main guy is called Felix Phoenix. Tanith Lee seems to have had fun naming the characters in this book, so it’s hard to take it real serious, but I’m pretty sure it was never a serious novel.

Batman Begins today. I’m not meant to be spending money but I can’t resist. It’s Batman!

Also out today…the film festival guide. I am a bit sad that I’ll not be able to do my normal attendance justice this year, but that’s the price I pay for going to Rarotonga. Here I come Howl’s Moving Castle, Steamboy and Woodsman! Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell: Innocence are also screening for anime fans. I’m also looking forward to movies which aren’t animated or about criminals, but I don’t know what they are yet.

I might not be able to see Woodsman actually, given the screening times, but I’m sure it’ll come back. It has Kevin Bacon in it after all.

Film festival website has all the info up now, including said screening times.

movie reviews

Not that impressed with the Director’s cut of Donnie Darko. As others have said before me, it explains too much and leaves you with no doubt as to what happened. This takes rather a lot away from the mind-fuck movie, as you can imagine.
I also though some of the new songs were intrusive and not as good as the ones in the original cut. They put in a bunch more scenes as well which I felt made the movie slower and more self-indulgent. Not good.

We finally watched Equilibrium on Sunday. Giffy will be happy as now she can finally have it back! It was a very slick movie, and I liked Christian Bale a lot, but the movie didn’t follow its own rules which was a pity. I was astounded by how much of it was ripped off 1984 as well.

Mostly my main problem with it is that for a society that arrests people for showing emotion, there was a whole lot of emotion. Some of the actors were better than others, eg Christian was fantastic, but his new partner was all smiling and emotive speech patterns and basically Lee and I were sitting there and yelling “Sense Offence! Arrest him!” Much more often that people actually got arrested.

I also fell asleep during the climax, so there you go.

Ladykillers I was also unimpressed by. The music was lovely and Tom Hanks was completely wonderful as the hammiest Southern Devil you ever did see, but I just didn’t see the point of the movie. Maybe I was just disappointed that the Coen brothers didn’t make a new movie? Also I couldn’t work out when it was supposed to be set for the longest time.
Lee and I did both love seeing the old lady slap a Wayans brother repeatedly though. I think we could watch a whole movie of that.

Auckland won

…the finalist winner from Auckland won the Grand National Finals of the 48 hour film competition. I was pretty umimpressed with the quality displayed in the show last night. Perhaps TV is an unforgiving medium for the 48 hour films, but it seemed like some of the films we saw at the Wellington finals were higher quality than winners from other cities.

That being said I gave my vote to Mosgiel Tonight which was the Dunedin winner…Lee voted for Chip and Manny.

My problems with the winner (Fairly Good Tale) were that it was too much a copy of Princess Bride and the story wasn’t very strong. The special effects were very slick though and they had some great actors, costumes and jokes. I don’t know. It left me somewhat cold.

The presenters of the special show were pretty lacking too. Just…not very good…

Anyway, enough moaning. Lee is sick with my flu now and feeling very sorry for himself. I’m unreasonably hungry and craving tacos. I finished my jeans quilt last night (Huzzah! Huzzah! Five ducats for the King!) and will now begin to work on Rachel’s one.

Complete Works of Shakespeare

I’m feeling distinctly muzzy today. I blame the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) which I saw last night. It was completely hialrious and wonderful but if I hadn’t gone to it I would have been asleep earlier and therefore healed more, etc etc.
I highly recommend the show I especially liked the audience participation bits because I got to chant “Cut the crap Hamlet, my biological clock it ticking and I want babies now!” while doing the actions. If anyone is going to attend this show I suggest you get a front row seat as they had the most participation stuff going on.

Oliver Driver was completely awesome and I have nothing but respect for him. The other two were also very very good and I loved the show a lot. My favourite bit?
Hamlet’s father the ghost: Don’t let Denmark become a couch for incest and villainy!
Hamlet (despairing): Incest!
Horatio (despairing): A couch!

hee hee hee.
Lee also enjoyed the show a lot, but couldn’t help himself from making two complaints…King Lear is fictional not historical and there wasn’t enough Timon of Athens. Or something.

hee hee, a couch!