My fears of going without Strawberry Delight Dream have been assuaged. I have in my possession an entire king size block and three thick and chunky bars. I know you were worried about this, which is why I’m telling you. Of course, I will still accept any Dream strawberry donations you care to make.

My decision to wear a skirt today was a bad one. My knees are cold.
I have a niggle at the back of the throat which I don’t want to turn into a cold/flu/meningacoccal sickness. Stay away and let me enjoy my long weekend!

Dinner at Cambodiana last night was verrry niiice. I recommend it and will return soon. Veh-rey soon. Hee hee.

Gots me a new Empire mag yesterday so I had a nice couch blob session with it. I am really looking forward to War of the Worlds. I also want to see The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Steamboy, both of which will likely be straight to DVD release if Empire is correct.

On of my Gamer Boyz mentioned on Tuesday that they’re making a movie of Ender’s Game which I am very excited about since it’s true. I’ve always thought they should do it in anime form but am quite excited about a live action version.