filled roles

So, most of the time I’m either the Banker or the Queen Bee.

If Giffy’s around she’s usually the Queen Bee (in my mind anyway :p) but with other groups of people I think it’s me. Not sure about that. The Queen Bee is the leader and the one other people want to be like. She is held up to high expectations and often fulfills them at a loss of personal identity. I’m not sure I’m the girl everyone wants to be like, but I do think of myself as a leader.

I think the role I mostly fill is that of Banker. The Banker is the Lacey Chabert character in Mean Girls, (although she’s also a Pleaser)…she knows everything about everyone. My hair isn’t as big because I don’t know everyone’s secrets but I do love to gossip.

I dislike mean gossip so mostly my gossip is of the information sharing kind. Of course I do the mean gossip thing sometimes, I mean who doesn’t? But my favourite kind of goss is when you learn things about people and you share what you’ve learnt.
Reference: Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman.


Quilting advice column

Chelle asked me some jeans quilt questions on her blog and instead of doing a novel length comment I thought I’d transfer it here and make my blog into a sort of craft-based advice column, if even for one day.

1. How many pairs of jeans did you use?

Hard to say how many pairs of jeans were used as I went crazy cutting up lots and then put a quilt together and there was a bunch left over. Rough estimate? 5 for the patches and one for borders and dividers.
It all depends though: how big do you want the quilt to be?
What size jeans are you cutting up? (Size 16 yield much more denim than 10!) How close to the seams you cut also makes a huge difference, and can I just suggest you get some really good sharp scissors before you start, because lacking scissors gave me a massive callous.

2. What kind of thread do you use – special quilting or ordinary cotton?

I used ordinary cotton for sewing the patches but quilting thread for the quilting. Oh and embroidery thread. Some of the seams I did twice though since the machine was a bit leery of mutliple layers of denim.

3. What size is the animal polar fleece you bought from spotlight the other day?

It’s 115cm wide which should be plenty wide unless you’re making it Queen Bed sized. I used about 1 2/3 metres for my finished quilt, that’s including the binding round the edges.

Hmm sure there were more questions in my head. Oh well will let you know if I have anymore

I will wait with baited breath.
If anyone else has craft based questions for me, please comment and I will do my best to answer them 🙂