filled roles

So, most of the time I’m either the Banker or the Queen Bee.

If Giffy’s around she’s usually the Queen Bee (in my mind anyway :p) but with other groups of people I think it’s me. Not sure about that. The Queen Bee is the leader and the one other people want to be like. She is held up to high expectations and often fulfills them at a loss of personal identity. I’m not sure I’m the girl everyone wants to be like, but I do think of myself as a leader.

I think the role I mostly fill is that of Banker. The Banker is the Lacey Chabert character in Mean Girls, (although she’s also a Pleaser)…she knows everything about everyone. My hair isn’t as big because I don’t know everyone’s secrets but I do love to gossip.

I dislike mean gossip so mostly my gossip is of the information sharing kind. Of course I do the mean gossip thing sometimes, I mean who doesn’t? But my favourite kind of goss is when you learn things about people and you share what you’ve learnt.
Reference: Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman.


7 thoughts on “filled roles

  1. Wait. Lacey Chabert … Party of Five, Lost in Space Lacey … she’s the really bitter one with the gay best friend? Really?

  2. No she’s one of the Plastics. Gretchen Weiners, the non blonde one. The one who knows all the secrets….

  3. That makes much more sense to me, but I’m still having trouble correlating the two. … Guess I’m off to Google Images. 🙂

  4. Okay, I’m back. I guess I’m just amazed she’s grown into an actor I think has charisma and is funny. Actually, that’s awesome!
    Now, a question more related to your post: Does Rosalind Wiseman’s book speculate that those roles from high school transfer across to grup life? Is that why you ID’d yourself as a Queen Bee and a Banker?

  5. Oooh, Debbie and I are keen to read the book, but aren’t having much luck finding it. Whitcoulls have offered to order it in, which will take a few weeks, so we may have to do that.
    Is there a replication or modified version of the roles for non-popular groups? Like the gamer version of a Queen Bee? Or a Goth Banker?

  6. hix: yes, the idea is that teenagers relationships with their friends set them up for relationships later on…
    Giffy: Odd. Maybe we’re a kind of communist-cooperative leadership committee?
    Matt: the idea is that it works more or less the same for all cliques and groups, but if you want to use the terms Goth Banker or Gamer Queen go right ahead 🙂

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