Tuesday 28 June

I’ve been happier updating on livejournal for some reason.
It’s too too cold, Jenni’s feet are cold.

On the plus side, I only have to get through one-and-a-bit more weeks of work before my two week holiday. I call it “Jenni’s adventure in Rarotonga with a little film festival at the end.”

On the plus side I have a lovely new hat which I love to pieces. I have been wearing it so much Lee is concerned I’ll never stop wearing it 🙂

Soon I shall also have a butterfly adorned scarf and long stripey fingerless gloves and legwarmers. (Note to self, measure legs)
I had a nice weekend with much relaxing and I even watched the rugby! I also made a lot of fun of the rugby but I also got a bit excited at the end there.

I am powering through the hand quilting of Rachel’s quilt, I think it has something to do with the promise of knitted goodies.
I am reading Chick-lit. It’s called “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?” and is about a woman who agrees to be a magzine’s featured bride. This means she has to accept all the things they choose for her, such as brown rubber bridesmaid dresses. It’s not terribly well written but I’m enjoying the wedding-planning-horror voyeurism.

I read the latest Alice book. Called “Alice on her Way” it was very very good and I love it to bits. Celeste has it now so we can compare notes soon.


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  1. Ah… just *think* of all that delicious Rarotongan sun… you know, they have bars *right in the pool* there! You can just swim up and have a pina-colada and drift around… mmmm. Rarotonga.

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