Nothing much

Finished reading Sin City – Big Fat Kill last night, which is Dwight’s story about the Old Town girls from the movie. I liked it a lot, although it was strange reading it and thinking of the movie images as source material when I know full well what came first.

That Yellow Bastard is next and I suspect I’ll feel the same way reading it.
My birthday list is up on my livejournal. Here. So if you feel the need to shower me with presents you can have a look at things I desire to own. My birthday is now just over 6 weeks away.

Played Star Wars last night and got quite a good handle on my character, although I find it kind of strange to take a back seat. I am playing a terse character who is supposed to be leader…very odd choice I made there. I’m not talking as much as usual which is probably a good change.

Pokemon is humming along. Mostly last night I cleaned up the mess I made last time. Fought some trainers that I had avoided and upskilled some pokemon. I was a moonstone so I can evolve my skitty. The torchik Lee lent me is really very useful. He has a fire attack and a fighting attack and they’re both really powerful and kick-ass.

My mightyena is falling behind a bit as I try to level up some of my weaker pokemon, especially my marril. I want a strong water pokemon damn it!


There’s a Lee shaped hole in the apartment. I’m not actually missing him, I know he’ll be back tomorrow and it’s fine. It’s just that he’s conspicuous in his absence.

On Sunday while we were watching the movie I kept expecting to hear his keys in the door. Last night I was at a loss for what to watch, so watched the Care Bear Movie 2 again. A lightbulb has blown and I’m too short to change it. Even standing on a chair.

When I went to bed there was no noise except the noise I was making. The dark seemed darker. It’s also disconcerting to not talk to another person from when I leave work to the next morning when I return to work. Another reason I don’t think I could live alone.

On the upside I played dance mat for about 45 minutes and no one laughed at me. It was great fun even though my game (Stepmaster?) is kind of hard and I can’t get to the second level a lot of the time.
I also did some scrapbooking and I have a yen to do more. I do more cleaning when Lee’s not around too. I wonder what that’s about?

(Pokemon rant:)
I beat the electric gym leader and got another badge and then I caught some more pokemon including a very scary lava turtle thing that I fear. I also accidentally missed a town because my pokemon were weak and I was desperately following the main road to get to a poke-centre. Will have to double back and visit the town inside the volcano.
My taillow evolved last night and should now be more kick-ass than ever. Must. Play. More. Pokemon.

Point of Fashion: The weather forecast said 18 degrees
Current Obsession: too many things to do

Tired refrain

Let’s all join in, you know the words “I need another weekend!”
Broken sleep sucks, but when combined with late nights I really lose my functionality. This morning I am in a strange daze. My ponytail is pulling on my head and my nose won’t stop the sneezing. The pollen count must be skyrocketing because I’ve taken my meds plus extra last night!

Ginger Snaps is a really, really good movie. I like it a lot. It’s hilarious with the parallel between getting your period and becoming a werewolf. (“There’s a lot of blood, and hair where there wasn’t before” “Oh yes, that’s completely normal”.) I liked it when Ginger grew a tail.
The movie was only scary for a minute at the start with the initial werewolf attack and at the end with the tension and the fear.

Hmmm.. want to see the sequels. Maybe own on DVD.
What else? No Wednesday night movie appreciation screening this week, as I have to collect Lee from the airport at 9pm, which means I’d leave at 8.30ish and there’s no time for movies in between work and that.
Have watched all of Black Books now. Love it. My favourite episode is the one where Manny and Bernard write a children’s book. Fantastic.

Saved pokemon

Last night while I took a break from pokemon, we watched Saved!.

I’d been looking forward to seeing it after a very favourable review in Empire, but I was a bit disappointed. Mandy Moore was fabulous as the really fanatical and bitchy girl, and I really liked the lead….and yet, it was kinda…blah.
It was really very funny in the first act, but then it kinda started to take itself seriously and I think it was having a serious religious message and I dunno. It actually really reminded me of But I’m a Cheerleader which has a similarly awesome premise but the movie itself just isn’t quite good enough.
It could have been funnier is what I’m trying to say I think.
Macauly Culkin was actually quite likeable in it.

In Pokemon news, Lee managed to set up the emulators so we could trade pokemon. My hope is that with the boosted XP that traded pokemon receive I can make poochyena into a decent pokemon. I must look up what it evolves into cause it seems really suck. Lee says that normal type pokemon are always kinda suck, but I can’t really remember if that’s true.
I *heart* my skitty though!


Last night during the pretty-awful-not-helped-by-poor-quality copy of Raise Your Voice I ran around in the woods and fought my pokemon against wild ones until all the members of my party had levelled up a coupla times.
Then I went on to beat the second gym leader and get my second badge. My beautifly is really very powerful, and I love my skitty which can make pokemon of the opposite sex fall in love with it. Then they are paralysed by attraction and don’t fight him. Now that he’s levelled up to 12 his tackle attack is quite powerful.

If only I could stay home and sit on the couch and play pokemon all day.
My second pony arrived in the mail today. It’s a better condition Sparkler, so I can transform the older one into a custom. I might make her into a fairy princess…
Oh and once again the couriers didn’t manage to get me my package, so it’s down to the depot at lunch time for my Chobits manga.

Holiday needed

Meh. My weekend was full-on in a very inactive way.

Friday night I saw Millions which is a lovely heartwarming British kid’s movie in the tradition of Billy Elliot but with no dancing. It was really very funny and the child lead actors were fantastic.

Saturday I went shopping and bought: owl buttons to repair my coat, hayfever meds from the Chinese medicine shop, time for my phone and baby’s first pair of Fin pants! They are a charcoaly grey with a drawstring that ties on the left hip. Turns out I am an XS at Fin. I was surprised.

Then the lovely Rachel and Lee and I watched Christopher Guest mocumentaries all afternoon and evening. Alan joined us for dinner the later two.
On Sunday I went shopping with my mother and sister for wedding clothes for mother. I ended up buying my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding! I am relieved that it’s taken care of and I know I like what I’m wearing! It’s a lovely floaty pink dress from Pagani with beading all over the front, hankerchiefy pointy hem and is very slinky in the body fit. It is a size 8. Suspect am tiny elf.

Spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening editing “It’s a Wonderful Library” with Hix and Norm. It was great fun re-visiting all that stuff and the footage I’d forgotten we had and watching freeze-frames of silly expressions the actors made. We made some executive (or directorial) decisions and messed around with the film. I think it makes a lot more sense now, which is fantastic.

Norm’s going to do some more tweaking: sound fx, special fx, messing with shots, etc…so don’t hold your breathe just yet for the director’s cut.
It was a draining way to spend a Sunday and I now need a holiday. I think I’ll go back to Rarotonga and stay a month or something.
ps. won another My Little Pony auction on trademe. Bad bad bad Jenni.

48 hour stuff

I’d never seen this article until Rachel found it by googling my name…48 hour interview with hix, thought some other people might like to read it too.

This weekend should see us editing the thing, so Hix put up a list of all his entries on his experiences, which I spent some time reading last night. Then I dreamed about trying on wedding dresses as a Pre-Victorian street kid. Blame the book I’m reading for that persona. (Bloody Jack is very good, BTW.)

I’m hoping that we get to record some director’s commentaries this week. I’m looking forward to that a lot.
Watched Wonder Boys last night. I liked it but Lee got bored. It’s a movie to watch while doing something else, like flipping through bridal mags and cutting out the bits you want so you can pass them onto your sister. Lee set up a GameBoy emulator on the laptop and played on that. I am looking forward to playing pokemon again.

I’m taking the green Chinese herbal hayfever tablets recommended to me by Luke and Sam last week. They seem to be working but they smell quite strongly and it lingers on my fingers. I have a funny taste in my mouth too but that’s pretty standard for hayfever meds.
This has been a Tuesday ramble.

Sin City

Love love love.

I loved Sin City a lot. I am pleased I had read the comics that I have read before I saw the movie. It meant I could appreciate how extremely faithful to the Marv story the movie was. It meant I could look forward to seeing Elijah Wood’s Kevin, creepy and beautiful….

The other story I’ve read is Dwight’s first one, so I knew the character and loved him but I didn’t know that adventure.

Sin City is violent. The violence is so stylised by the black and white colour scheme that it’s unreal. Sin City is a strange world where men are all tough guy heroes with a personal honour code and no aversion to killing. The women are all prostitutes with hearts of gold and incredible bodies.

Men protect women and the women pay them with their beauty and their bodies.
It’s all so damned cool.

I want to take a bunch of high resolution stills from the movie and blow them up poster size and frame them and have them up on my wall. Marv and Goldie in bed. Marv in the driving rain on the bridge. Kevin in the doorway, his glasses reflecting the light. Nancy dancing. Becky walking down the road with a car keeping pace, her necklaces glowing white.

My only sadness? Carnivale‘s Ben plays That Yellow Bastard. He’s an amazing actor but I want to think of him as a good guy!

(wedding) One more thing sorted

This morning me and my sister went to see the Tiara lady we met at the Wallaceville House wedding show a zillion months ago. She works out of a room in her house in Papakowhai and has a very friendly Burmese cat.

Sister-girl tried on a myriad of different tiaras and chose a rather theatrical/ballet style crown with loops of silver and diamantes and pearls. Lovely.

I am getting a custom made comb with clear and turquoise crystals and she’s going to see if she can get pearl beads to match my necklace and add a few of those too. I’m not sure if I need earrings as well as a tiara and choker but she’s going to have a look at what she can find and make something up. If I don’t like it, I don’t have to buy it!

She had so much lovely jewelery there, I was also tempted by a gold wire and pearl hair pin in the shape of a butterfly and there were some very sweet crystal flower pins too. It’s hard to choose just one tiara when the whole range is gorgeous but I knew I wanted crystals and I prefer the security of the combs. Crown shape tiaras feel like they might slip off at any time!
My sister was very pleased to have something sorted for her wedding! She is getting custom made necklace and earrings to match the tiara so we’ll both be hearing back from the tiara lady soon.

Next is wedding shoes: I have seen two pairs of shoes I like in town, and one in Porirua (although is probably in town too.) Two pairs are pink and the third is old gold. I am thinking about the pink ones. They are on sale for $70…

I bought some other shoes today which were on sale for $30. They are a black leather court with a kitten heel and a cut away butterfly on the toe. The cutaway reveals a butterfly print material underneath. They are from the super-cute Miss Sophie range and I love them very much.
I’ll write up what I thought about Sin City soon, but not right now. I’m feeling far too wedding-girly-cutey to talk about Sin City right now.


I think I figured out why I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Last night as I was trying to drop off my heart was racing…I have *got* to stop stuffing myself with sugary snacks in the evenings!

So. From now on I am making a rule. No candy after 7pm. This of course does not apply to desserts at restaurants, icecreams at movies and hot chocolates.

Well, we’ll see how it works out anyway.

I am completely obsessed with the candybar doll maker. I need help.

Marvin Redpost: Is he a girl? is a very gentle, humourous and well thought out children’s chapter book dealing with gender issues. Marvin is told that if he kisses his own elbow he’ll turn into a girl. Of course he tries to do it and succeeds eventually and then he starts thinking differently and appreciating different stuff. Is good and by Louis Sachar who wrote Holes.

Tonight: Sin City
Tomorrow: Sleeping In
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