I think I figured out why I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Last night as I was trying to drop off my heart was racing…I have *got* to stop stuffing myself with sugary snacks in the evenings!

So. From now on I am making a rule. No candy after 7pm. This of course does not apply to desserts at restaurants, icecreams at movies and hot chocolates.

Well, we’ll see how it works out anyway.

I am completely obsessed with the candybar doll maker. I need help.

Marvin Redpost: Is he a girl? is a very gentle, humourous and well thought out children’s chapter book dealing with gender issues. Marvin is told that if he kisses his own elbow he’ll turn into a girl. Of course he tries to do it and succeeds eventually and then he starts thinking differently and appreciating different stuff. Is good and by Louis Sachar who wrote Holes.

Tonight: Sin City
Tomorrow: Sleeping In
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