48 hour stuff

I’d never seen this article until Rachel found it by googling my name…48 hour interview with hix, thought some other people might like to read it too.

This weekend should see us editing the thing, so Hix put up a list of all his entries on his experiences, which I spent some time reading last night. Then I dreamed about trying on wedding dresses as a Pre-Victorian street kid. Blame the book I’m reading for that persona. (Bloody Jack is very good, BTW.)

I’m hoping that we get to record some director’s commentaries this week. I’m looking forward to that a lot.
Watched Wonder Boys last night. I liked it but Lee got bored. It’s a movie to watch while doing something else, like flipping through bridal mags and cutting out the bits you want so you can pass them onto your sister. Lee set up a GameBoy emulator on the laptop and played on that. I am looking forward to playing pokemon again.

I’m taking the green Chinese herbal hayfever tablets recommended to me by Luke and Sam last week. They seem to be working but they smell quite strongly and it lingers on my fingers. I have a funny taste in my mouth too but that’s pretty standard for hayfever meds.
This has been a Tuesday ramble.

3 thoughts on “48 hour stuff

  1. I had no idea that had been published! Maggie is a friend of mine and she had to write a quick article, so I found out what it was like to be interviewed by her: pleasant and extremely focused. I kept trying to say what a good job Jenny and Norman and everyone had done – and she kept asking me “And then what happened? And then what happened?”
    I like the end result.

  2. It’s a neat article. I particularly liked the “stoned on happy Disney juice” comment.
    I have decided that I need to avoid saying anything too scandalous in public until I’m either not a teacher any more, or until I’m old enough that scandalous doings are sufficiently in the past that it won’t affect my current image. What is the statute of limitations on happy Disney juice?

  3. I think the more happy Disney juice you drink, the more able you become. It the opposite of an inhibitor, giving you awesome powers to get things done and be cheerful about it.

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