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Last night while I took a break from pokemon, we watched Saved!.

I’d been looking forward to seeing it after a very favourable review in Empire, but I was a bit disappointed. Mandy Moore was fabulous as the really fanatical and bitchy girl, and I really liked the lead….and yet, it was kinda…blah.
It was really very funny in the first act, but then it kinda started to take itself seriously and I think it was having a serious religious message and I dunno. It actually really reminded me of But I’m a Cheerleader which has a similarly awesome premise but the movie itself just isn’t quite good enough.
It could have been funnier is what I’m trying to say I think.
Macauly Culkin was actually quite likeable in it.

In Pokemon news, Lee managed to set up the emulators so we could trade pokemon. My hope is that with the boosted XP that traded pokemon receive I can make poochyena into a decent pokemon. I must look up what it evolves into cause it seems really suck. Lee says that normal type pokemon are always kinda suck, but I can’t really remember if that’s true.
I *heart* my skitty though!

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  1. Is this pokemon thing a MMORPG or a PC game or what? I need to know, because it’s obviously a significant part of your life now!

  2. Ah, it’s always fun to see another grownup enjoying pokemon… (I’ve been taking a break from emulated gba to watch the season one)

  3. Pokemon is a game for the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance (I think there is a DS version coming out soon). Jenni is playing it on PC emulators which pretend to be a gameboy. It’s kind of like a virtual CD thing.
    Basically as a game it is like a computer based RPG. You collect pokemon, or pokect monsters, which are essentially cute little pets. You battle them against other trainers and wild pokemon to level them up as well as following along a game based story. Some pokemon evolve into stronger and more powerful pokemon, some people want to collect all the pokemon in the game, and some people just want to become the best trainer in the land. In the process of doing either of the last two you journy around the world and prevent the evil plans of the villains.
    It is a crazy amount of fun and one of the best value for money games out there at less than 50cents for an hour of play. The game can take well over 100hrs if you want it to and you can keep playing long after you have finished the main story trying to collect ’em all. It is totally a time sink.
    On a gameboy you can link with other friends to trade pokemon and battle if you wish. Not all pokemon feature in a particular game, which is usually released in two different colours. Red and Blue were the original. To collect all original 150 pokemon you need to have a friend playing the otehr game and trade pokemon across from game to game. Pokemon is more fun if there is more than one of you playing the game at the same time. Obviously you can make the emulators link up as well which is cool for Jenni.

  4. I thought Saved! and But I’m a cheerleader were both brought down by excessive silliness. Trying too hard perhaps? Satire and farce needs to be, not subtle, but more subtle that they were. But IMO Saved! is definitely the better movie of the two. I fancy adding it to my DVD collection, which consists entirely of movies with queer and/or religious themes.

  5. Jarratt – wicked bro, I’ve always wondered how the heck that worked. For the emulators, can you use actual Gameboy games or do you need a pirate ROM? (Not that it matters to me, I fell down the Gameboy hole last year & have yet to escape. Just finished Broken Sword, which was totally wicked.)
    Suraya – when I was a boy (my daddy sat me on my knee and he told me many things – actually that’s a lie, he never did either of those things) there was a documentary on tv which theorized that Jesus was a homosexual. I think it was called “Jesus the Man” (as opposed to “Jesus – Da man”). Sounds like it’s tailor-made for your dvd collection.
    I always remember that doco, although I never watched it, because reading it prompted me to say, “Mummy, what’s a homosexual?” She said something like, “A man who loves another man instead of a woman.”
    Wow, this has NOTHING to do with Jenni’s post. Sorry!

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