Tired refrain

Let’s all join in, you know the words “I need another weekend!”
Broken sleep sucks, but when combined with late nights I really lose my functionality. This morning I am in a strange daze. My ponytail is pulling on my head and my nose won’t stop the sneezing. The pollen count must be skyrocketing because I’ve taken my meds plus extra last night!

Ginger Snaps is a really, really good movie. I like it a lot. It’s hilarious with the parallel between getting your period and becoming a werewolf. (“There’s a lot of blood, and hair where there wasn’t before” “Oh yes, that’s completely normal”.) I liked it when Ginger grew a tail.
The movie was only scary for a minute at the start with the initial werewolf attack and at the end with the tension and the fear.

Hmmm.. want to see the sequels. Maybe own on DVD.
What else? No Wednesday night movie appreciation screening this week, as I have to collect Lee from the airport at 9pm, which means I’d leave at 8.30ish and there’s no time for movies in between work and that.
Have watched all of Black Books now. Love it. My favourite episode is the one where Manny and Bernard write a children’s book. Fantastic.