There’s a Lee shaped hole in the apartment. I’m not actually missing him, I know he’ll be back tomorrow and it’s fine. It’s just that he’s conspicuous in his absence.

On Sunday while we were watching the movie I kept expecting to hear his keys in the door. Last night I was at a loss for what to watch, so watched the Care Bear Movie 2 again. A lightbulb has blown and I’m too short to change it. Even standing on a chair.

When I went to bed there was no noise except the noise I was making. The dark seemed darker. It’s also disconcerting to not talk to another person from when I leave work to the next morning when I return to work. Another reason I don’t think I could live alone.

On the upside I played dance mat for about 45 minutes and no one laughed at me. It was great fun even though my game (Stepmaster?) is kind of hard and I can’t get to the second level a lot of the time.
I also did some scrapbooking and I have a yen to do more. I do more cleaning when Lee’s not around too. I wonder what that’s about?

(Pokemon rant:)
I beat the electric gym leader and got another badge and then I caught some more pokemon including a very scary lava turtle thing that I fear. I also accidentally missed a town because my pokemon were weak and I was desperately following the main road to get to a poke-centre. Will have to double back and visit the town inside the volcano.
My taillow evolved last night and should now be more kick-ass than ever. Must. Play. More. Pokemon.

Point of Fashion: The weather forecast said 18 degrees
Current Obsession: too many things to do

2 thoughts on “Hole

  1. Hey lovle. I’ll give you a call tonight, or even bring Beau around if you want company. Or you could come and visit me (the horror)!
    I don’t think your dancemat game is the same as mine. It sounds cooler (although the grass may be greener).
    I find I do more cleaning when there are less people around because I know I’m cleaning up after myself, whereas when others are around I feel like I’m cleaning up after them and I don’t want to!

  2. I would never laugh at you J (so you should let me come and play dance mat;p). If you want some company tonight, I could pop over post gym. Just text me if you want.

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